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It’s the second coming of the Renault Captur, a car that we probably snored at before we drove it reasoning that a taller SUV-ish Clio was a silly idea no-one would much care for. Detailed technical specs Renault 2016 Kaptur with body type Crossover 2016-2021. Engines 1598 cc-1998 cc, power 114 hp @ 5500 rpm.-143 hp @ 5750 rpm., 4. Start celebrating: The New Renault Captur, our popular crossover, has evolved. With its new colours, redesigned grille with finely chromed edging and optional fixed glassed roof, the Renault Captur is geared toward urban adventurers like never before. The small-SUV landscape has changed dramatically since the first Renault Captur, but then so has the Captur itself. Despite delays arriving in Australia, the 2021 Renault Captur has finally landed.

If you are looking for a Renault Crossover in South Africa, then we’d like to offer you a very warm welcome to our digital showroom. Both the Renault Kadjar Crossover and the Renault Captur Crossover form part of this very popular class of vehicle, and even though we are based in Stellenbosch and Johannesburg you can purchase any one of these amazing vehicles from us no matter where in South Africa you might be. Below we have given you a short description of each of the Renault Crossovers that we currently offer:

Renault Kadjar Crossover

Originally unveiled at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show, the Renault Kadjar Crossover is possibly one of the most anticipated vehicles of 2016. This thrilling addition to the Renault South Africa stable is sure to have even the most cynical driver reaching for his or her keys, just so that they can once again get behind the wheel and experience the excitement of driving what we feel will become one of the bestselling Renault Models in the history of the country.


Go to our Renault Kadjar page to find out more about this fantastic new crossover!

Renault Captur Crossover

Enjoy French passion and style each and every time you get behind the wheel of a Renault Captur Crossover! Built and designed to help you fall in love with driving all over again, this Crossover at Renault Stellenbosch & Renault The Glen is raring to go thanks to a choice of two very different turbo engines, both of which put out an impressive amount of power and torque. To add to this it’s 5 Star EuroNCAP safety rating means that the Captur Crossover is one of the safest vehicles in its class, which makes it the perfect family focused vehicle.

Visit our Renault Captur page for more information on this beautiful vehicle!

Book a Renault Crossover Test Drive

A Renault Crossover offers you all of the simplicity of driving a car along will all of the fun of owning a SUV. This means that you literally get the best of both worlds, which is probably the reason why a Renault Crossover is such a sort after vehicle. If you would like to experience the fun and excitement of driving a Renault Crossover, then please book a test drive of either the Kadjar or Captur today.

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What Car? says..

The arrival of the first-generation Renault Captur was timed with a level of perfection that would suit a Swiss railway. It may not have been the first small SUV to hit the market, but it was early enough to ride the crest of a wave that's since become a tsunami of high-riding, compact cars.

A big part of the Captur’s success was its distinctive looks with a splash of customisation. This helped it stand out from the crowd and, for this second-generation Captur, Renault's stuck with the same theme.

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But while it might look similar on the outside, inside and underneath it’s a whole new ball game. Plusher plastics, more substantial switches and upgraded digital displays aim to give it more pizazz, especially in top-spec models. And a slight growth spurt over its predecessor helps to realise more space for passengers and their luggage.

Under the bonnet, you’ll find a range of modern petrol and diesel engines, with power outputs ranging from 93bhp all the way up to 158bhp. The punchiest power figure belongs to the E-Tech plug-in hybrid, which combines a petrol engine with an electric motor to reduce emissions and offer electric-only driving.

So, if you already own an original Captur or you’re thinking about buying one for the first time, don’t be duped by the latest car's familiar looks – there’s plenty to discuss. And that’s no bad thing, given how competitive the small SUV class is, with the keen-handling Ford Puma, the spacious Skoda Karoq and the comfort-orientated Volkswagen T-Roc among the rivals to consider.

Renault captur suv crossover

So, should it be at the top of your shortlist? That’s what this review will tell you. Just click through to find out how it compares to its rivals and what is the best engine and trim combination. That’s not all we’re offering, though: with our New Car Buying service, you can save a bundle of cash on a Captur or whatever new car you decide to buy, and there’s no haggling involved.

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At a glance

Renault Captur Top Gear Review

Renault Captur Crossover
Number of trims6see more
Number of engines3see more
Available fuel typesWhich fuel is best for you?hybrid, petrol
MPG range across all versions188.3 - 48.7
Avaliable doors options5
Warranty5 years / 100000 miles
Company car tax at 20% (min/max)£685 /£1,651
Company car tax at 40% (min/max)£1,370 /£3,302

How much is it?

RRP price range£19,300 - £32,695
£17,233 - £29,096
What Car? PCP
£178 - £0
Save up to £3,599 when you buy with
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