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Design Food & Beverage Gaming Watches Sports More Sections. For now, Shazam! Fury of the Gods is scheduled for release on June 2, 2023. SHAZAM is my employer, but they are also my family.' Kelly Betts, SHAZAM Cares President 'SHAZAM gives us so many chances to learn with webinars and fraud watch sessions. And if I need trusted advice, I can just call any of my SHAZAM contacts for a listening ear. We’ve never had this level of support and partnership before. With a concept like Shazam, there was really only one way to attack it, and it feels like they nailed it with this one. Heavily inspired by Big, with plenty of laughs and a few surprises, this movie is fully entertaining from start to finish. So I spent some time wanting to re-design a fairly big website, just for practice purposes really. I stumbled across the Shazam website and it really doesn't. This adult Shazam T-shirt is an officially licensed product from DC Comics. The shirt features our cool Shazam distressed logo design printed on 100% cotton. Also available in youth and juniors sizes.

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If you find yourself wondering what song is playing while you're listening to music at your computer, you now have another way to help you figure out what it is. Shazam added a beta version of its music recognition tool to desktop browsers. For the time being at least, the feature only works on Safari, Chrome and Firefox on macOS and Chrome OS — sorry, Windows users. A macOS version of the Shazam app has been available since 2014.

Meanwhile, on iOS, Shazam (which Apple owns) just got a fresh lick of paint. The redesigned app places a greater focus on music discovery. The decluttered home screen gives the main button more prominence and a vertical swipe will take you to My Music. Shazam charts are available through the Search function. There are new notifications for missed and offline attempts to recognize songs too.

If you connect Shazam to Apple Music, more of your past Shazams will be synced. If you delete a song from Apple Music, it won’t be re-added. On Spotify, Shazam will find and sync more songs that it recognizes. If you lose your connection, the app will try to sync again the next time you hit the Shazam button.

Shazam version 14.2 is available on iOS now. Last month, Apple added the option to identify songs from a Shazam Control Center shortcut with the release of iOS 14.2.

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