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Shazam identifies a song by creating a unique digital fingerprint to match what you’re hearing with one of the millions of songs in the Shazam database.

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Use the Shazam app

Shazam will name your song in seconds. Use your phone's camera to scan and download the free Shazam app. Available on iOS, Android and more devices. Global Top 200 Top songs being discovered around the world right now. See who made it on the list of the most Shazamed songs worldwide.

If you have the Shazam app installed on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac, you can use the app to identify music and save them to your library.

  1. Open the Shazam app on your device.
  2. Tap or click the Shazam button to identify what’s playing around you.

When Shazam identifies the song, it’s saved in My Music, along with all your other previous Shazams.

After you identify a song, you can connect to Apple Music and other music services to listen to your Shazam.

If you don’t have an internet connection, the app still creates a unique digital fingerprint to match against the Shazam database the next time your device is connected to the internet. If a song can’t be identified, it will disappear from your pending Shazams.

Use Auto Shazam

To have Shazam automatically identify what’s playing around you, touch and hold (or double-click on Mac) the Shazam button . When Auto Shazam is on, Shazam matches what you’re hearing with songs in the Shazam database—even when you switch to another app. Shazam never saves or stores what it hears.

You can then find the Shazams identified with Auto Shazam in My Music, grouped together by date.

To turn off Auto Shazam, tap or click the Shazam button.

Use Shazam in Control Center on iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

You can Shazam songs right from Control Center on your iPhone or on your iPad.* To add Shazam to Control Center, go to Settings > Control Center, then tap the Add button next to Music Recognition.

To identify songs from Control Center, tap the Shazam button to identify what's currently playing on your device or around you. Shazam can identify songs playing on your device even if you're using headphones.

* Requires iOS or iPad OS 14.2 or later.

More ways to identify music

Shazam Internet Connection

  • On iPhone or iPad, say “Hey Siri,” then ask what the song is.
  • On iPhone or iPad, add the Shazam widget to identify music in the Today View.
  • Use Shazam on your Apple Watch to Shazam tracks.
  • To identify music from the menu bar of your Mac, get Shazam for Mac from the Mac App Store.
  • On HomePod, say “Hey Siri, Shazam this song.”
  • Use the Shazam It action to add music recognition to your Shortcuts.

See your previous Shazams

You can see your previous Shazams in the Shazam app on your device and online when you create a Shazam account.

  • On iPhone or iPad, swipe up on the main Shazam screen to access My Music.
  • On Mac, recent Shazams appear below the Shazam button.
  • On Apple Watch, recent Shazams appear below the Shazam button, and are also saved to My Music on the paired iPhone.
  • To access your Shazams on your other Apple devices and online at, you can save your Shazams in iCloud. This also ensures that you won't lose your Shazams if something happens to your device.

Change your settings

In the Shazam app, swipe up to My Music from the main Shazam screen, then tap the Settings button to adjust Shazam settings:

  • Control Notifications from Shazam.
  • To have Shazam automatically start listening when the app is opened, turn on “Shazam on app start.”
  • Use iCloud to back up your Shazams.

Microphone settings on iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

Shazam needs access to the microphone on your device to hear what you're listening to. On iPhone or iPad, open Settings, scroll down to the installed apps and tap Shazam, then turn on Microphone. If you don’t see an option for Microphone, you might have restrictions turned on for Privacy settings.

Get help

Learn more

  • Use Shazam on Android devices.
  • You can create a Shazam account to keep track of all your Shazams and view them on
  • In addition to Apple Music, you can connect Shazam to other services like Snapchat and Spotify.
  • Learn about Shazam's Terms & Conditions.
  • Learn about Shazam and privacy.

Brella Help

Support:[email protected]

* An asterisk indicates features not available for all users.

Getting Started


You can access Brella for free from your laptop, PC or mobile device at


If you're a Brella cardholder:

You have a SHAZAM-branded debit card and your financial institution participates in the Brella service. You can:

  • View balance information for a debit card's primary account
  • Receive a variety of alerts via email or *SMS
    • Phone and internet transaction alerts
    • Transaction amount alerts
    • International transaction alerts
    • *Suspicious fraud alerts
  • *Send money from your debit card's primary account to a Brella cardholder or a SHAZAM cardholder
  • *Temporarily block future transactions
    • All transactions
    • Phone and internet transactions
    • Transactions over X amount
    • International transactions
  • *Receive money from an eligible Brella cardholder

All cardholders:

You do not have to have a SHAZAM-branded debit card to use Brella. You can:

  • Receive money from an eligible Brella cardholder


Data Security

You create a unique username and password when signing up to use Brella. The application doesn't store your password, Social Security number (SSN) or account information on the device. SHAZAM encrypts the messages sent and received by the application. We regularly engage outside mobile security consultants to review the security of the application.

Change Password

Cards & Balances > Change Password.

Edit Profile

Cards & Balances > User Profile.


Cards Allowed

Brella supports one or more SHAZAM-branded debit cards.


Cards & Balances > Add Card.

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Update Expiration Date

Cards & Balances > Modify Expiration Date.


Cards & Balances > Remove Card.

Blocks and Alerts

Shazam Internet

  • *Cards & Balances > Manage Alerts


  • *Cards & Balances > Set Blocks and Alerts

Transaction Alerts

These are alerts you establish to monitor your card activity. Call your financial institution if you receive an alert for a transaction you didn't authorize.

The alert types include:

  • Transaction amount alert
  • Internet or phone transaction alert
  • International transaction alert
  • Suspicious transaction alert

Suspicious Transaction Alert


You're automatically enrolled for suspicious transaction alerts if your financial institution offers this feature.If you receive a suspicious transaction alert, call SHAZAM toll-free at 866-508-2693 to review the suspicious activity with a fraud specialist.


If your financial institution is enrolled in Brella Transaction control, you can block future transactions based on the same criteria as the following alert types: transaction amount, internet/phone and international.

*Temporary Card Block

If your financial institution is enrolled in Brella Transaction Control, you can temporarily block all future transactions on a card. You can also remove a temporary card block you placed. While a card is blocked, certain Brella functionality may be unavailable.

Possible statuses for a card include:

  • Not blocked
  • Blocked by you
  • Blocked by your financial institution
  • Blocked by you and your financial institution

If you have questions about blocks placed by your financial institution, please contact your financial institution.

Shazam Online Cz

*Sending Money

Send Money

Cards & Balances > Send Money.


Shazam Without Internet

Only some Brella cardholders are eligible to send money. During registration, a screen will list the functionality available to you. Also, you'll see the Send Money option in Cards & Balances if it's available to you.


When you send money, it's transferred instantly. However, settlement of the funds depends on the operational procedures of the recipient's financial institution.

Add Recipient

There are two ways to add a recipient:

  • Cards & Balances > Manage Payments > Add Recipient. Enter an email address and nickname (optional) and select Add.

  • Cards & Balances > Send Money. Enter a new email address and nickname (optional) and select Next.We'll check to see if the recipient is already using Brella. If not, you can send him or her an invitation email. The recipient can register for Brella if he or she has a SHAZAM-branded debit card. You'll be notified once the recipient is registered. If you don't receive notice, check with the recipient to see if he or she was able to register.

Edit Recipient

Cards & Balances > Manage Payments > Edit Recipient.

Delete Recipient

Cards & Balances > Manage Payments > Delete Recipient.

Transaction Confirmation

You'll receive confirmation once the transaction is initiated. An electronic receipt will also be sent to your primary email address.

Money Not Received

If the recipient says he or she didn't receive the money, contact your financial institution for help.

Lost Receipt

Contact your financial institution to receive another copy of the receipt.


The cost of sending money depends on your financial institutions settings. Contact your financial institution for more details.

Receiving Money


Anyone with a debit card can register and use Brella to receive money from a Brella cardholder. Simply accept the invitation you receive via email and follow the steps provided.

Shazam Online App


When a Brella cardholder sends you money, it's transferred instantly. However, settlement of the funds depends on the operational procedures of your financial institution.

Transaction Confirmation

An electronic receipt will be sent to your primary email address.

Money Not Received

If a Brella cardholder sends you money but you don't receive it as expected, contact the sender. The sender can then contact his or her financial institution for help.

More Help

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Updated 4/16/2020