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Shazam is an app that lets you discover music. We often go to Restaurants and Parties and there are moments when we love a song that gets played at the location but we don’t know its name. You won’t face that problem anymore when you download the Shazam App. It gives the complete song information with Artist, Song Name and even shows you the lyrics when the song is playing.

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While everyone knows of the app Shazam there are hardly any people who use the Pop Up Shazam feature on it. With the Pop Shazam feature, you can detect the song which is played on your mobile phone. Hence, it will come in handy to the users who want to detect songs from Facebook videos on Instagram Story. Have a look at the steps below to see how it’s done.

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How to Shazam a song in your own device:

1) Open your Shazam app and Navigate to “My Library” from the top left corner.

Shazam On Phone Case

2) Open Settings and turn on Pop-Up Shazam by tapping on the slider.

Step 3- Tap on “Pop-Up Shazam is on” in your Notification bar to bring up Pop-Up Shazam. Once that’s done play the video or the song and you’ll get the information on your screen once Shazam recognizes the song.

That’s all for this Guide. For more guides like this, make sure you check out our “Guides” section. You can also check out our Sunday Gyaan video to know more about Shazam.

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Apple made quite a number of updates to its iPhone operating system when it released version 14. Some of these included redesigned widgets on the Home Screen, improved user transparency and control, improvements to groups and Memoji, and more. Another notable feature is the ability to use Shazam on your iPhone without a third-party app.

Recall that, in 2018, Apple acquired the music recognition app, Shazam, in a $400 Million deal. The app has remained standalone ever since (and it still is). With iOS 14, however, Apple integrated Shazam’s core product into the iPhone. This doesn’t stop Shazam from being a standalone app.

In this post, we’ll be taking you through how to activate and use Shazam on your iPhone. After activation, you’d be able to recognize music and use the app from your iPhone’s control center. However, to do this, your iPhone needs to be updated to iOS 14.2 or a later version. Read through and follow the steps. 13 speed transmission for sale.

How to get shazam

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Activate and Use Shazam on iPhone

Please follow the steps below to activate Shazam on your iPhone without downloading the standalone app. This “activation” process will add the Shazam feature to your Control Center for easy access.


Shazam On Phone Vs

  • Open the iPhone Settings app.
  • Scroll and tap on the Control Center option.
  • Find the Music Recognition option (it has the Shazam logo) and tap on the plus (+) icon.
  • This adds the Shazam feature to your control center.

Follow the steps below to use Shazam for Music Recognition:

  • Open your iPhone’s Control Center.
  • Tap on the Shazam logo and make sure the music you want to recognize is playing in the background.
  • It’ll show you a push notification with the name of the music.

How To Use Shazam

That’s all you need to know about activating and using Shazam on your iPhone. It’s quite an easy and straightforward process.

Do let us know in the comments section if you need any help or have questions. We’re happy to help out.

Shazam Video On Phone