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Shazam Pandora

Listen to Pandora by The Simbioze, 682 Shazams. Demeter (Greek: Δημήτηρ) was a Greek goddess of the harvest. Shade smooth blender. She was, however, considered to be related to a wider domain, including marriage, fertility, religious law, and life and death itself. Pandora is the last, forced to walk the world for eternity to experience the pain she wrought by releasing the spirits of evil upon man, as well as receiving scars on her face that would burn without relief and be forced to feel the ruin of the world with the whole of her being. Returning to Earth, her tribe have all died, the spirits long gone.

How to transfer playlists from Shazam to Pandora?

Shazam Pandora

Soundiiz can transfer Shazam list to Pandora as a playlist or in the list of your favorite tracks. The steps below show you the process of exporting your Shazam library and songs to Pandora.


Download CSV file from Shazam

Shazam Or Pandora

Shazam or pandora
  1. Open Shazam web interface and go to My Library
  2. Select Download CSV option in the top of the list
  3. On Soundiiz, go to the Playlists tab and choose Import Playlist / From File
  4. Upload the .csv file and confirm to import your Shazam list to Pandora