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GoodNotes is a companion app for existing GoodNotes iOS users. GoodNotes for iOS is an handwritten notes app on iPad/iPhone. GoodNotes for Mac lets you view and manage your handwritten notes and documents in GoodNotes’ iCloud library. Features - Stunning Digital Ink: Your handwritten notes look beautiful on your Mac with high-resolution display as well as on your iOS devices. GoodNotes for Mac is powered by the same state-of-the-art digital ink technology as on its iOS version. - iCloud Sync: Access to all your GoodNotes documents with fast iCloud sync. Sketch and annotate documents on your iOS devices and view them on all devices. - Import PDF's and Images: Drag-and-drop documents and images between GoodNotes and your Mac. - Document Versioning: GoodNotes automatically saves versions of documents as you work on them. Browse through document versions and restore pages from old versions. - Share and Print Documents: With access to all your documents in GoodNotes, sharing and printing documents require only a few clicks. - Create or Edit Notebooks on Your Mac With Mouse, Trackpad or Tablet Using the Intuitive Editing Tools: - Select Tool - Highlight or strikeout selected text in PDF documents - Edit Tool - Move, scale and change object color - Text Tool - Create text objects - Pen Tool - Pen drawing - Highlight Tool - Highlighter drawing - Eraser Tool - Erase lines - Page Rearrangement: Drag-and-drop to reorder pages in documents or to copy pages between documents. - Bookmark: Add bookmarks to your documents.
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First up: Paper by FiftyThree. Paper is one of the winners of Apple's App of the Year award and has. Tears of steel trailer.

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  • Read reviews, compare customer ratings, see screenshots, and learn more about Sketch-Notes. Download Sketch-Notes and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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Featured by Apple in 'Apps for Photographers'

PicSketh, an easy to use photo to sketch app, is featured by Apple in 'Apps for Photographers'. It is a great honor for our photo sketch app. Due to the excellent performance, PicSketch was featured as New & Noteworthy app and Hot app when first debuted on Mac App Store. It is the first photo sketch app that gains recognition widely.

With PicSketch, only seconds and clicks, users of any level can learn how to turn photo to sketch. Basic photo editing tools, like changing pen color, sketch style / background, adjusting contrast and brightness are provided. You won't want to miss the sketch software for Mac.

Be personalized to turn photo to sketch

The sketch software for Mac makes every possibility for users to personalize picture sketch. Basic photo editing tools are provided.

- Choose a pen color as you like to change photo color.
- Colorize photo based on the original self-tone.
- Adjust pen size according to your need.
- Change picture sketch background with any color you wish.
- Place a picture sketch background from well-designed wallpaper collection.
- Apply moisture effect.

Various preset sketch effects / styles

Sketch notes app for mac download

In Preset board, 15 specially prepared pencil sketches styles are available. You can choose any sketch effect and apply on your photo. Giving your photo a sense of pencil drawing can't be easier. There are the best styles and work well for any kind of photo.

Plus, you can freely adjust photo sketch contrast, brightness and alpha if neccesary. It gives you every aspect to control your photo sketch.

System Requiement

OS X 10.6 or later
64-bit processor

Version 1.2 is released on Feb 12, 2014

What’s New? (Version 1.2)

Sketch Notes App For Mac Desktop

1. Support Full Screen mode
2. Support crop photo
3. Improved the stability of the app

Media Review

Tuaw -PicSketch allows anyone to turn photo to sketch in just a few seconds. The app does offer a lot of customization options that allow you to tweak your sketches as you see fit.

Sketch Notes App For Mac Download

Macworld - PicSketch gives a fast rendition of a pencil drawing, The photo sketch app produces some good effects.

Sketch Notes App For Mac

Macsources - PicSketch is a powerful photo editing tool with the specific function of turning photographs into sketches. It utilizes basic editing tools such as rotating, adjusting contrast and brightness and changing backgrounds.