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It’s not so far away, but unfortunately when you are in Ireland, many great UK TV web sites become unavailable. Fire up the BBC home page from Dublin for instance and you won’t see the normal UK version, but the ‘International BBC home page’. At first it appears that it’s not possible to watch BBC iPlayer from Ireland however there are ways and they are quite simple!

On the international version, there are two, obvious differences – firstly adverts appear on the site and on the TV page instead of being able to watch live streams from all the BBC channels, you just get information on programmes and channels. Also you won’t be able to find the link for BBC iPlayer if you’re in Ireland.

Basically all the best parts of the site are disabled, no live channels and no wonderful BBC iPlayer if you try and stream anything you will simply get a message about the BBC not being available. A similar experience awaits anyone visiting the other UK TV channels – ITV, Channel 4 and 5 will all have blocks against viewing if you’re outside the UK.

Re: Mobile data usage for NOW TV / Sky Go / BBC iPlayer etc ‎ 03:23 PM What you are looking at is a rolling monthly contract but with just 30 days notice. Sky Go is an online television service from Sky Group provided free for Sky TV subscribers that allows users to watch live and on demand Sky TV via an internet connection. The Sky Go app is available on Windows and Mac computers and also on Android and iOS devices. On demand content comprises sports highlights, latest news, movies.

It’s called Geo-Blocking and it operates on all the world’s big media sites. Basically the web site looks up the location of your IP address when you connect, then either allows access or blocks/redirects depending on where you are.

Fortunately it’s fairly easy to bypass if you hide your IP address using a proxy service – here’s how I watched from Dublin.

It’s quite simple as you can see, by selecting a UK server your IP address will suddenly appear to be based in the UK. Hence, all the British television sites will suddenly start to work without issue as long as your connection is routed through a UK proxy server. Try the other media sites like Channel 4 and 5 or ITV, your British IP address will let you access them too. There’s nothing else required and you can use the same program for BBC iPlayer Ireland android or iPad access too.

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What’s More You Can Watch UK TV Abroad Free of Charge

The process is exactly the same for using ITV hub so if you’ve figured out how to access BBC iPlayer outside UK then you’ve got the solution for all British TV channels. If you try and access the site without a UK IP address, you’ll get a similar warning screen like this –

To bypass this block you do exactly the same, although just like the BBC in 2021 you will need to register a user account. Don’t worry about this all you need to do is enable the UK proxy iplayer connection before creating your ITV hub account. It will ask you for a UK postcode, but use any valid UK one and you’ll be fine. All the ITV content will work perfectly and if you want to watch without adverts you can even subscribe to the premium subscription, just make sure your UK VPN connection is enabled before you use it.

The software sits in your task bar and you just click to change your location, you can also use your account on other devices like iPads, phones and tablets, just look for the guides in the members area. There are also versions which work with Android and Mac OS X, all included in the subscription – use one or all of them on all your devices. Use this service to unlock virtually any web site anywhere in the world – simply select the correct location and you’ll get access.

Try it on US or Australian TV sites for example, they should all work perfectly too as long as you pick the right country connection first. Don’t be worried about data restrictions or having access to limited servers they’re all included in a single subscription. There’s also some great Canadian TV sites too although some of them ask for your Cable subscription number too which unfortunately acts as a block.

You may have heard some reports about various BBC iPlayer VPN not working and this is in fact true to some extent. The BBC started to block many of these services during 2017, mainly by manually blocking IP address ranges. Fortunately the market leaders like Identity Cloaker have large server infrastructures with hundreds of IP addresses so have largely been unaffected. So you can still use it to access BBC on demand in Ireland and in fact any UK service for example to watch Sky Go abroad too.

As always – try the short trial first to see if it works for you –

Click to try Identity Cloaker

To use on iPad see here –

Sky Go Box Office

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Everything you need to know about the Sky Go online TV service, from how to use it to what you can watch.

Sky Go is the place to enjoy Sky TV over the internet. Sky customers can stream live channels, catch-up on missed programmes and even download shows to watch offline.

Sky Go offers live and on-demand content from Sky channels like Sky Atlantic, Sky 1 and Sky Sports, as well as partner networks such as Fox, ITV and Dave. It's available for free to Sky subscribers on a wide range of devices, including computers, smartphones and tablets.

You'll need a good broadband internet connection to enjoy Sky Go, so find your perfect deal with ourbroadband provider reviews.

How can I get Sky Go?

First of all, you have to be a Sky customer - if you're considering whether it's worth it, read our review of Sky's TV and broadband service. As part of your TV subscription with Sky, you can watch Sky Go on up to two different compatible devices at any one time. You can change your registered devices if you like, but if you want more than two, you'll have to pay to upgrade to Sky Go Extra (see more on that below).

Register your device at the Sky Go website by signing in with your Sky ID username and password. If you're using a Sky Go app, do the same after downloading it to your device.

You can use Sky Go on a PC or Mac through the website, but not all browsers are supported. As Sky Go uses a web browser technology called Silverlight to play videos, it won't work on Google Chrome or the new Microsoft Edge browser. However, you can still use the service by switching to Internet Explorer, Firefox or Apple Safari (on Macs), which all support it. There is also a desktop app you can download - it works on both PC and Mac.

You can get the Sky Go app on your Apple smartphone and tablet, as long as it's running iOS 9.0 version or above (check your device's general settings for this). You can also get the app on Android smartphones and tablets running Android 4.4 and above (again, check your settings).

If you want to enjoy Sky Go directly on your TV, you can also get the service on the Xbox 360, PS3 and PS4 games consoles, but only if you're a Sky Go Extra subscriber. Markdown drawio 埋め込み.

What can I watch on Sky Go?

Your Sky TV online: Sky Go allows you to watch the TV channels and content from the Sky TV package you're signed up to. So, if you get Sky Atlantic as part of your package, then you can also enjoy it on Sky Go. Same goes if you're a Sky Sports or Sky Movies subscriber. Bear in mind that you’ll have to watch ads with the content, just as you do on TV.

Catch up TV: With Sky Go, you can catch-up on shows you've missed from a range of Sky channels, such as Sky 1 and Sky Living, along with Sky’s partner channels, including Fox, ITV, Demand 5, Watch, Dave, Alibi, and Discovery.

Watch live: In addition to catch-up, you can stream a range of channels live, including all the channels listed above, and more. Find out how you can do this below.

On-demand entertainment: Sky Go has a huge collection of on-demand programmes and films to enjoy, ranging from box sets of hit dramas to blockbuster films. Although, bear in mind that what you can access will depend on the TV package you're signed up to.

Can I download shows from Sky Go?

Sky Go Bbc

If you're a Sky Go Extra subscriber, you can download catch-up TV, box sets or films to your computer, tablet or smartphone to watch while offline. All content has a download button next to it, but whether you can actually download it will depend on your Sky TV subscription. You'll also need to have have a wi-fi internet connection to download as this feature doesn't work over 3G or 4G.

Sky Go tips and tricks

Multi-screen: As well as enabling you to enjoy Sky TV on the move, Sky Go is neat way to get multi-room entertainment in your home. If you have Sky on your main TV, you can have Sky Go set up on a laptop or tablet to avoid any arguments over who gets to watch what they want.

Live streaming: As mentioned above, you can also watch live TV channels on Sky Go. Head to the 'On Now' section, which has a useful TV guide covering a range of channels. You can browse what's being shown and if there's a 'watch now' button, then you can stream that programme live over the internet.

Sky Box Sets: We all love box sets and there's plenty to choose from on Sky Go, including hit dramas like Game of Thrones, The Affair, Broadchurch and The Blacklist. For long-running shows, there could be multiple series for you to binge to your heart's content.

Sky Go Extra: The free package of Sky Go only allows you to use two registered devices at any one time, but you can pay to increase that to four registered devices with Sky Go Extra. This premium package, which also enables you to download content to watch offline (see below), costs £5 a month, but Sky Multiscreen customers get it for free.

Sky Go tech tips: You'll need broadband internet of at least 2Mbps to stream Sky Go content, and ideally faster. Use our online speed checker to see if your connection can handle it. If you're using mobile data, be wary of maxing out you data allowance. If you're downloading and are fed up with the time it's taking, there's an option in the Sky Go Settings menu (preferences) to download at a lower resolution. The quality won't be as good, but it will download quicker to your device.

Can I use Sky Go while abroad?

No. Even if you're a Sky customer, you can't stream programmes on Sky Go while abroad. If you have Sky Go Extra, though, you can always download a selection of content before you go on holiday, and then watch it at your leisure.

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