Sky Go For Virgin Customers


At long last, Virgin Media has unveiled plans for a service that will enable both PC and mobile device users to stream live TV and access on-demand content.

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As a Virgin Media customer myself, the taunts from friends who enjoy TV anywhere with the Sky Go app over the last year or so have gotten a bit much, as I’m sure it has for many others. The new service, called ‘Virgin TV Anywhere’, will finally give us something to shout about it seems.

Sky go for virgin media customers

If you’re a Full House or VIP customer with Virgin Fibre, Virgin TV and Virgin Phone, and you have Sky Cinema, you can now download and enjoy top movies offline on your phone or tablet with the Sky Cinema app. While you’re on WiFi, 3G or 4G in the UK, simply pick a film and tap to start downloading (charges may apply on 3G/4G). You’ll need to enter your 4 digit Sky PIN, which could be different to your Set Top Box PIN. Customers in the UK. If you’ve forgotten your Sky PIN, then visit Virgin Media’s Forgotten PIN page. Customers in the ROI. If you’ve forgotten your Sky PIN, then visit Virgin Media’s Forgotten PIN page.

All Virgin TV subscribers will be able to access the service, although the channels and content on offer will depend on the TV package that you subscribe to.

Can i use sky go if i am a virgin customer

The service will be accessible from PCs and laptops via the browser, with customers logging in to a site using your customer details in a similar way to Sky Go. Mobile users will also get the chance to download a free app, which will also gain access to streaming and on-demand videos, as well as some other interesting features.

However, it looks as though Virgin Media will go the same route as Sky by starting off with an app for iOS devices only. It has already confirmed that other platforms, such as Android, will get an app in 2013, but hasn’t clarified exactly when. I’ll have my fingers crossed that they won’t be limiting the device compatibility quite so strictly as Sky have with the Sky Go app. Free carbon copy.

The mobile app(s), asides from for watching video on the go, will allow the user to link up to their Virgin Media cable box and manage pre-planned recordings, browse TV shows, check the news and also share TV content on various social networks.

Those fortunate enough to have one of the newer TiVo boxes from Virgin will also get an additional feature which allows a mobile device to be used as a second screen for telly watching. This means you could use your iPhone or iPad as a remote for your TiVo box for changing channels and setting recordings.

Virgin Media hasn’t confirmed exactly when the new service is due to launch, but we’re expecting to see it launch before the end of the year.

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Want to watch Sky TV without signing up for a year-long subscription? Our handy guide will show you how.

With a huge selection of entertainment, movie and sports channels to choose from, it's easy to see why Sky TV is so popular. But the prices for a full Sky subscription can be eye-watering.

While the lure of shows such as Westworld and Game of Thrones can be appealing, the thought of being tied in to an expensive contract can feel off-putting. The good news is you don't have to take out a long Sky subscription to watch Sky channels.

Read on for more information on TV services that will let you watch Sky TV without a Sky subscription, including Now TV, Virgin Media and TalkTalk.

Use our round up of the best and worst TV and broadband providers to discover how satisfied Sky customers are in comparison to those with other suppliers.

Sky Go App For Virgin Customers

Try Now TV

Now TV is an internet TV streaming service powered by Sky. It offers live streaming and on-demand content from popular Sky channels - so, you can watch Sky shows as they're going out live, or catch up on them at a later date.

Crucially, you don't have to be a Sky subscriber to use Now TV. Instead you simply buy 'passes' for a day, week or month to access the channels that you want. When your pass expires it rolls over into a monthly subscription fee, but you can cancel at any time. See how Now TV compares to popular streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime, using our TV streaming service reviews.

Streaming services broadcast over the internet, so you don't need a satellite dish to watch Now TV (though you do need a broadband connection of at least 2.5Mbps or a mobile signal of 180Kbps if you plan to watch using 3G or 4G).

You'll also need a device that can use the Now TV app. Some smart TVs come with this preinstalled, but if yours doesn't, you can watch Now TV in a few different ways.

One of the easiest, cheapest ways to watch Now TV is to buy a dedicated Sky Now TV box or smart stick, which cost as little as £15. This may even include a trial of free passes to watch the content, which in effect pays for the cost of the Now TV box itself.

A YouTube box will also give you access to the Now TV app - or you can install the app on a tablet, smartphone or PC.

Find out more in our guide: What is Now TV?

Add Sky channels to a service from another provider

Can I Use Sky Go If I Am A Virgin Customer

If you've already got a TV subscription with a different provider, such as Virgin Media or BT TV, you can add most of Sky's channels to these services.

To do this, you add a 'bolt on' to your existing pay TV service. For example, you can pay BT £16 a month to add 11 Sky Movie channels to your package. There's usually no contract to do this, you just pay on a monthly basis.

If you're looking for some channels to keep the little ones happy, you can simply add children's channels to yourTV and broadband bundle - for example TalkTalk's Kids Boost adds nine children's channels, including Nickelodeon, Boomerang and Cartoon Network.

Use a shared Sky subscription

If a friend or family member already subscribes to Sky, then you can register as a secondary user and still watch Sky shows.

Now TV (see above), for example, allows you to register up to four compatible devices (such as a Now TV box, a laptop, or a tablet). The service lets you watch programmes on two devices at the same time, so four members of an extended family won't all be able to tune into Game of Thrones simultaneously on different devices.

Alternatively, Sky Go is a streaming service that allows Sky subscribers to watch programmes away from the home. This lets Sky customers register two devices (or four, if you pay more for Sky Go Extra).

In effect, this would let you log in to watch Sky programming if you used the account details of a family member who has a Sky subscription. However, users are meant to be part of the same household as the primary Sky account holder, according to Sky.

Read our Sky TV and broadband review to find out what Sky customers had to say about the service they receive in our latest satisfaction survey.

Sky Go For Virgin Media Customers

..or, stick with Freeview

Sky Go For Virgin Customers

If you decide that none of the above options work for you, then one alternative is to stick with Freeview. It may not offer the same sports or movie range as Sky, but it still gives you a huge selection of channels for no cost at all (other than the charge for a TV licence).

With the addition of a Freeview PVR, you can pause, rewind and record live TV, as well as setting a planner and series-link. These are all features you would get with a Sky box. You won't, however, have access to the same sports, movies and entertainment channels. Head to our round-up of the Best Buy Freeview PVRs to see which models impressed the experts in our lab.

If that's not enough for you, and you want even more channels, then Freesat offers more than 200 channels and on-demand TV from the likes of the BBC and ITV. To get it, you just need a Freesat box or a TV with Freesat built-in, plus a Freesat satellite dish. As with Freeview, there's no ongoing subscription cost. Read in depth reviews of all the latest models using our Freesat PVRs and set top box reviews.

Can Virgin Customers Get Sky Go

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