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How to install Sky Go on Xbox First, make sure that you are signed into Xbox Live. Then, from your Xbox console’s dashboard, press the middle button and scroll down to Store. Within the store. With the SKY box powered on, select the Menu on your Toshiba remote, select Installation from the on screen menu and then select Analogue Tuning. When the TV has completed the search, select channel 901 on your TV to select the SKY output. You may need to fine tune the TV if required.

What is Sky Go and Sky Go Extra, what channels can I watch and how do I get Sky Go on my phone or tablet? Our complete guide to Sky Go tells you everything you need to know about Sky’s live and on-demand streaming service for mobile devices.

If you’re a Sky subscriber, then you need to know all about the Sky Go service. This is a bonus feature that comes as standard once you sign up for Sky TV and it allows you to take your shows, movies and other entertainment on the move.

Here’s all you need to know about Sky Go, including what it is, what channels and content you can stream or download, and how to get it on your mobile device.

How To Download Sky Go On Toshiba Smart Tv


What is Sky Go?

Sky Go is an app which offers up a selection of Sky’s live TV channels and thousands of hours of on-demand TV and movies, to stream on your smartphone, tablet, laptop, PC, Mac, games console or digital TV set-top box. The idea is that you can enjoy Sky programming wherever you roam, as long as you’re a Sky subscriber and you have a compatible device, with a decent enough WiFi or mobile connection.

How do I get Sky Go?

If you don’t have a Sky subscription, go to and choose a TV bundle to get started. All of Sky’s TV bundles come with free Sky Go access as a tasty side-order.

If you’re already a Sky subscriber, you just need to sign up for a Sky ID to start using Sky Go – if you haven’t done so already. To do this, head to the Sky Go page and click ‘Sign up to Sky Go’. This takes you to an online form, for filling in your personal details. Your Sky ID will be your email address and you can set up a secure password to keep others out.

With that all done, you have a number of possible options for accessing Sky Go.

On a PC or Mac, just head over to on your computer and sign in with your Sky iD (which you should have set up when you first joined Sky). You can then access the Sky Go content right there on your computer, or download the PC/Mac app if you don’t want to watch through your browser.

For mobile devices, see below.

Can I watch Sky Go on my Android phone or tablet?

The Sky Go app is available to download for Android phones and tablets, with pretty much all recent handsets and devices supported.

Just head to the Google Play store on your Android and search for Sky Go. When the app pops up, download it and let it install. When this is done, sign in with your Sky ID and you’re good to go.

Can I watch Sky Go on my iPhone or iPad?

The Sky Go app is available to download for iPhones and iPads, with all of Apple’s recent devices supported.

First, head to the App Store and search for Sky Go. When you find the app, download it and then give it a tap on your desktop to open it. Now all you need to do is sign in with your Sky ID, and you’re ready to get stuck into your Sky TV content.

Can I watch Sky Go on my Blackberry or Windows Phone?

Blackberry and Windows Phone devices are not supported by Sky Go, so you’ll need to use a laptop, Android or iOS device instead.

Which channels can I watch on Sky Go?

With Sky Go you can watch close to a hundred Sky channels live. These include Sky News, Sky Atlantic, Sky1, Sky Living, Sky Arts 1, Dave, Gold, MTV, National Geographic Channel, History, Nat Geo Wild, Eden, Crime & Investigation Networkand Good Food.

Which film channels are on Sky Go?

All 11 of Sky’s standard Movie channels are available live on Sky Go.

These are Sky Movies Premiere, Sky Movies Showcase, Sky Movies Family, Sky Movies Comedy, Sky Movies Action & Adventure, Sky Movies Drama, Sky Movies Sci-Fi & Horror, Sky Movies Classics, Sky Movies Indie, Sky Movies Modern Greats and Sky Movies Crime & Thriller.

You can also stream Film 4.

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Which sports channels are on Sky Go?


Sky Sports 1-5, Sky Sports News HQ, Sky Sports Mix, Sky Sports F1 and Eurosport 1 and 2 can all be streamed live on Sky Go.

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What kids channels are on Sky Go?

Kids can enjoy live streaming of the Disney, Disney XD and Disney Junior channels, Nickelodeon and Nick Jr, Cartoon Network, Boomerang, Cartoonito and CITV through Sky Go.

How To Get Sky Go On Toshiba Smart Tv

What on-demand Sky content is there on Sky Go?

As well as streaming live Sky channels with Sky Go, you can also stream a load of on-demand content.

This includes recent sports highlights including Premier League football matches and GPs, as well as a wide range of TV boxsets, covering everything from crime and drama to comedy. You can also catch up with shows that are currently airing on Sky, if you missed the last episode. Kids are well catered for too, with lots of fan favourites such as Peppa Pig, Thomas and Friends and Paw Patrol present and correct.

Finally, Sky Go offers up lots of movies to stream in full, in the Sky Cinema section. This includes all of the big new releases that you can watch at home using your Sky subscription.

Can I download Sky TV shows and movies using Sky Go, to watch offline?

The standard Sky Go service only allows you to stream shows and movies to your device, so you’ll need a decent WiFi or mobile connection to use it. However, it’s also possible to download Sky content to watch at a later time, if you’re going on holiday for example.

For this, you’ll need to be a Sky Go Extra subscriber.

What is Sky Go Extra?

Sky Go Extra costs an extra £5 per month, or is free to Sky Multiroom and Sky Q subscribers.

The Sky Go Extra service allows you to download Sky TV content to your mobile device or laptop, so you can watch it when you’re offline. That’s particularly handy if you’re taking a flight or heading anywhere with patchy WiFi.

Sky Go Extra also allows you to register an extra device for watching Sky Go (see below).

How many devices can I watch Sky Go on with my Sky ID?

Note that you can only watch Sky Go on one device at a time using your Sky ID, although you can register up to three different devices at one time. You can’t remove old devices and add new ones whenever you like, however; you can only swap one registered device for a new one every 30 days.

If you have Sky Go Extra, you can register up to four devices at one time.

Toshiba Smart Tv Problems

Can I watch Sky Go on my Xbox or Playstation?

Xbox One owners can watch Sky content as long as they have an Xbox Live subscription and a Sky Go Extra subscription. Check out Sky’s Xbox guide for more info.

Can i install sky go on a smart tv

Playstation fans with a PS3 or PS4 can also watch Sky Go, providing they have a Sky Go Extra subscription. Head over to Sky’s PS page for more info. Sky go extra playstation app.

Can I watch Sky Go on my smart TV or set-top box?

Sky Go is not currently available on any other smart TVs, or connected set-top boxes such as Freeview and Freesat boxes, DVD and Blu-ray players, Google TV or other media players.

Can I stream Sky Go to a TV, projector or other big screen device?

At the moment, Sky Go is seriously restrictive when it comes to connecting your mobile phone or tablet to a TV and enjoying your Sky content on a big screen when you’re away from home. If you’re trying to hook up your mobile device to a telly via HDMI or cast your screen to a big display, check out our how to stream Sky Go to a TV feature.

Sky Go and HDMI cables aren’t the easiest things to use together for various reasons. Here’s a workaround to make things a bit simpler for anyone wishing to watch Sky Go.

Sky Go is a great way to enjoy Sky channels on your TV, laptop, iPhone, iPad, Android tablet or phone.

Unfortunately, the service doesn’t allow you to use an HDMI cable directly, but there are ways to work around this issue.

Some Smart TVs also do not currently support the Sky Go app which means you might be stuck watching it on a smaller screen.

How to watch Sky Go on your phone

If you’re off on holiday or have a lot of travels planned and you’re a Sky subscriber, why not download the Sky Go app on your laptop or phone?

With this installed, you need to log in with your Sky ID and password. You should have set this up when you first joined Sky. With that done, you’re free to browse and enjoy Sky programming on your mobile device or laptop.

You can also download shows and movies to watch while you’re offline if you’re a Sky Go Extra customer, which is particularly useful when you’re heading abroad on holiday to avoid data charges.

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Why won’t my HDMI cable work with Sky Go?

Sky TV hasn’t cited in an official statement why an HDMI cable won’t work when trying to watch Sky Go on your TV.

The reason for HDMI and Sky Go being incompatible is most likely a way of protecting the Sky Go content. Sky may be concerned with what customers could do with the Sky Go content. For all they know, customers could be sharing content with other people who aren’t paying customers by recording shows.

We understand this can be frustrating when you pay for the service and then you can’t use it the way you want to. Many Sky Go customers wish to watch the service on a bigger screen and an HDMI cable enables just that.

Can I Get Sky Go On My Toshiba Smart Tv

Workaround for Sky Go and HDMI

Unfortunately, Sky Go doesn’t allow you to use an HDMI cable to watch it on TV.

However, the Sky Go app is downloadable for Android users, so if you have an Android TV you may be able to install the Android app and watch Sky Go content.

Alternatively, if you have a console, such as an Xbox or a PlayStation, download the Sky Go app and watch it on your TV through that way.

Toshiba Smart Tv Apps List

An economic way to watch Sky Go is by buying a streaming stick. See our guide on how to get Sky Go on an Amazon Firestick.

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