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Why do you want to cast sky when you know that is not an option why not use your laptop for streaming to tv.anyone who has sky that is a good friend could give you there password and user name then you could add sky go to your favourite list on your laptop and connect to your tv in the normal way it is as easy to do that as it is to cast.seamie. You can download the Sky Go app for Android devices on Google Play or from iTunes for Apple devices. You'll also need to make sure your Chromecast is Generation 3 or Ultra. Open the Sky Go app on your tablet or smartphone. At the top right of the app, you'll see the Chromecast icon which looks like a little TV. How to watch SkyGo on Chromecast The app of Sky that can read the file system of Android to the search of the executable, which grants access to the permissions of the superuser (root). If it is detected the presence of root, the app stops working. To avoid this problem we will have to get the app Sky Go modified to circumvent that control. Got an email from the nice folks at Sky today telling me that I could have 4 Sky Go devices rather than 2. This got me thinking that it would be good to have Sky on my TV in the kitchen but where I don t have a Sky box but it must be a wireless solution as TV on the middle of the wall and I do not want to run cables to it.

You sure can. Sky Go supports Airplay from your iPhone, iPad or the browser extension on your Mac. At this stage Sky Go will only be supporting airplay to Apple TV HD - 4th Gen and Apple TV 4K - the latest Gen.

  • Make sure your Apple TV & device are on the same wireless network
  • Go to your TV and select the source your Apple TV is plugged into
  • Select a show/movie on your Sky Go app and press play
  • Press the Airplay icon in the bottom right of the Sky Go video controls.

Can I Use Chromecast With Sky Go

Stream sky go via chromecastSky Go Via ChromecastSky Go Via Chromecast

Whatever you chose to play should now be on the big screen!

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Sky Go Via Chromecast

How To Use Chromecast With Sky Go

To get Sky Go on your big screen via Chromecast support, you'll need to open the latest Sky Go app on your iPad or iPhone and make sure you have a Chromecast which is Generation 3 or Ultra.

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At the top right of the app, you'll see the Chromecast icon which looks like a little TV. Select the icon. If you aren't already, you'll be prompted to connect to your Chromecast. Once connected, choose the TV show or movie you want to watch, press play and you should see Sky Go on your big screen!