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Re: Can I Mirror or stream sky q/sky go from iMac to Apple TV via Airplay at home? ‎03 Jan 2021 09:12 AM @Demdemdem That may be ok for those that only watch live TV - however for the majority who use skyQ to record things to watch later or time-shift NowTV is a non-starter as it has no recording facilities. On the Q box, go to Settings-Status -Network Connection - Setup -Advanced settings and it'll show you the IP address currently assigned to it. Under Settings -System Info, it'll show a list of MAC addresses for the physical interfaces, but the one used by DHCP to get an ip address isn't shown (that's a virtual bridged interface). Download Skype for your computer, mobile, or tablet to stay in touch with family and friends from anywhere. Sky Q TV & Broadband Close Sky Q menu Broadband. Mac - download the app; Sky Sports on Sky Go - click to open detail panel. Sky Cinema on Sky Go. The Sky Go app is available for all Sky TV customers at no extra cost, so you can watch Sky on the go on your mobile, tablet or laptop.

Everything you need to know about Sky Cinema, including how to watch if you’re not a Sky subscriber, how to download movies to watch on your phone and which premieres will be launching this month.

Sky offers plenty of channels to watch and stream, although the two most popular categories have to be sport and movies. Just as well then that Sky’s offerings of both are top notch.

For a little extra each month, Sky subscribers can indulge in the Sky Cinema service. This is well worth the cash for movie buffs, and here’s why.

Sky Q users, check out our in-depth features:

What is Sky Cinema?

Sky Cinema is a selection of movie channels provided by Sky TV. Formerly called Sky Movies, the channel branding was changed in 2016, bringing many other changes to boot.

Sky Cinema comprises of 11 channels which are now sectionalised into movie style. These are all HD channels with the same 11 again in standard definition. These include Action & Adventure, Comedy, Superheroes, Sci-Fi & Horror, Drama & Romance, Crime & Thriller, Family, Disney, Hits, Select and Premiere.

Sky Cinema is not exclusive to Sky though as you can also get it on Now TV, Virgin Media TV, BT TV and TalkTalk TV. Movies can be watched over a Sky dish, or streamed and downloaded to watch at your own convenience. Streaming and downloading can be done direct through your Sky box, as well as through internet connected devices such as your smartphone or tablet. More on all of this later.

How often are new movies added to Sky Cinema?

A new premiere is added to the service every day for subscribers. That means a movie that has never been available to stream on Sky before is added once every 24 hours. These can be from any movie genre, with any age certification, but you can rest assured that they’re modern flicks.

How much is Sky Cinema, is it worth it and are there any deals right now?

If you already have Sky TV in some form then you can add the Sky Cinema channels for an extra £10 per month. That’s a special summer deal, so better jump on it quick if you’re interested.

Or if you’re new to Sky, then you can go for the Sky Cinema bundle for £32 per month. This again means you’ll only be paying £10 extra for the movies to be added on.

If you want to access Sky via your internet connection, Now TV is another option. This has rolling Pass options so you don’t have to pay a committed subscription. For Now TV with Sky Cinema, you’ll have to pay up £10 for every month you use it.

BT TV starts from £10 per month for the subscription service, although will cost you more for Sky Cinema: specifically it’ll cost you £13.50 per month to add on the movies service.

When it comes to Virgin Media TV, which starts at about £20 for the base TV package, the movies offering is an extra £21 per month. That gives a grand monthly total of £45.50.

TalkTalk TV also offers Sky Cinema with its broadband and TV deal for £27.95 per month.

What happened to Sky Movies?

Sky Movies is no more, as it has been scrapped in favour of the newly named Sky Cinema. Why? This is mainly a move for consistency across the Sky brand in different countries. Since the film channels in Europe with Sky are already called Cinema, so too are those in the UK.

As well as that logo change, Sky introduced some cool new features in Sky Cinema when Sky Movies was axed. Check out our in-depth feature about the birth of Sky Cinema for more info.

Sky Cinema vs Sky Store, what’s the difference?

Sky Cinema is an all-inclusive package, available for a one-off monthly fee. You pay once and then you can watch, stream and download the entire selection of Sky Cinema movies as much as you like. This includes a broad selection of old and recent movies, with a new premiere added every day.

Calibre kindle macbook. Sky Store is a separate store where you can individually buy or rent movies at an extra cost, regardless of your subscription.

Sky q for mac app

While Sky Cinema does have some very new films and exclusives to Sky, Sky Store offers even fresher content. Sky Store movies are out very early, hence the individual charges. These are sometimes the first place you can legally access a film after it’s left the cinema, and before it reaches physical media or general TV airing.

New movies coming to Sky Cinema: How do I find out what’s being released next?

Since Sky cinema is one of the best parts of the streaming service, Sky certainly doesn’t keep quiet about the movies it offers or the big films coming soon. Since plenty of the new releases are telly premieres, the best place to hear about them is via Sky itself.

If you already have Sky Cinema then you’ll no doubt hear about upcoming releases via the many, many adverts that play before your content and in ad breaks. Also, if you go into your Sky Planner, that will show off the new releases that week – usually arriving just in time for the weekend.

However, the easiest way to check out all of the new premieres coming to Sky Cinema is to head to Sky’s premieres page. On here you’ll see every new movie that’s hitting Sky Cinema in the coming month.


How can I get Sky Cinema without a Sky subscription?

If the thought of signing up for a 12-month subscription sends shudders down your spine then you might want to opt for one of the rolling monthly offerings instead. Here are the best that offer Sky Cinema.

Now TV

Now TV offers Sky Cinema for £10 per month and is delivered over your internet connection. You pay for the Sky Cinema Pass then have full access for a month.

Virgin Media TV

While Virgin Media TV doesn’t offer the pay-per-month option that ends if you don’t pay, it isn’t locked in. That means you can add Sky Cinema and every month you have the option to cancel it. Then if you want to add it again, as you’ve seen some good films coming up, you can just reactivate it again. Of course you will need to call up each time which is effort, but nice to know it’s an option.


If you’re a TalkTalk customer, you can add Sky Cinema as a Boost. This can be done at any time and is a rolling monthly subscription which can also be cancelled anytime. See above about the hassle you can expect.


In a similar way to the other services, BT TV lets you buy Bolt-on services, including Sky Cinema. Once again this is a rolling monthly option, so you can add and remove as you please.

How can I watch Sky Cinema on my phone, tablet or computer?

You can access Sky Cinema movies easy enough on your Sky box, simply by scrolling to the menu option. This allows you to download any films you like, to watch whenever you like.

So, what if you want to enjoy a flick on the move or in bed, on your mobile phone, tablet or laptop? Here’s how to get started.

How can I watch Sky Cinema movies on my iPhone or iPad?

If you’re a Sky subscriber with the Sky Cinema package then you get access to all your content via Sky Q or Sky Go, which can be downloaded as apps for iPhone or iPad. Sky Q can be used to stream movies to your Apple device over your WiFi network and also download recordings for watching on the go, provided you’re a Sky Q user. Alternatively, you can download movies using Sky Go from anywhere, as long as you have an online connection.

There’s also a Sky Cinema app for users of other TV services.

How can I watch Sky Cinema movies on my Android phone or tablet?

Sky TV and Virgin Media TV subscribers who have Sky Cinema can access it via the dedicated Sky Cinema app or Sky Go app available for Android phones and tablets. Sky Go also lets you download a lot of content to view offline.

If you watch the app while off Wi-Fi that’ll cost you data, otherwise it’ll be totally free to enjoy over 1000 movies.

Sky Q is also available on Android, for subscribers of that service. This again allows you to stream and download movies from your Sky Q box, using your home WiFi.

How can I watch Sky Cinema movies on my Mac computer or PC?

Sky Go is also available online via a browser. So regardless of if you’re on a Mac or a PC you’ll be able to open a browser (although Firefox is no longer supported) and get playing all your favourite movies.

Simply sign in, select the Sky Cinema tab, find a film you like the look of and enjoy.

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