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  • Right-click the Sophos icon on the system tray and select Sophos Endpoint Security and Control. Central managed Windows endpoint Click the Sophos icon on the system tray and select About on the lower right corner of the Sophos window.
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  • This article describes the steps to monitor XG Firewall traffic in real time from the command line. For example, to identify what IP is using bandwidth.


Modify the Sophos Central Admin policy details referenced in the table below for the component you want to test. Click Save to save the policy and trigger a policy refresh. Wait up to 130 seconds, click Refresh in ESH and check for an updated time-stamp. How to clear ram usage.

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  • To monitor traffic usage in real time, do the following:
  • Log in to the console interface of the Sophos XG firewall device by connecting the console wire or connecting via SSH with Putty software.
  • Next enter the password to login to Sophos XG and select Option 5 and Option 3 to access Advance Shell.
  • Enter the iftop command line -i IFNAME with IFNAME is the port name we need to track.
  • Usually we usually monitor bandwidth at the LAN port.
  • After entering the command and pressing the Enter key the following table will appear as follows.
  • To stop the tool type Q to quit.
  • To show the traffic separated by source and destination port, append -P to the above command:
  • iftop -i IFNAME -P

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