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Sophos firewall bandwidth monitoring. Firewall Analyzer, a Sophos bandwidth monitor tool, provides a unique way to monitor the Internet traffic of the network in near real-time. Firewall traffic data is collected and analyzed to get granular details about the traffic across each firewall.

Sophos Reporting Log Writer is a specialized application which exports data for use by third-party log-monitoring applications, for example Splunk, which retrieve data from plain text files rather than directly from a database.

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Sophos Reporting Log Writer can be installed on a computer with a standalone installation of Sophos Enterprise Console, or on any computer that has access to the Sophos Enterprise Console database.

Note Sophos Reporting Log Writer makes Sophos Enterprise Console data available to third-party applications. By installing it you assume the responsibility of the security of the data made available, which includes ensuring the data can only be accessed by authorized users.
  1. 2 days ago British infosec biz Sophos reckons just under half of malware traffic it saw in the wild during the opening three months of 2021 alone was using Transport Layer Security (TLS) to encrypt both its command-and-control traffic and data exfiltration. The company says that figure is up from 23 per cent of known malware traffic during the whole of 2020.
  2. Sophos Endpoint. Sophos Intercept X is the world’s best endpoint security, combining ransomware protection, deep learning malware detection, exploit prevention, EDR, and more – all in a single solution.
  3. Sophos Home Premium Security Delivers Advanced, Real-Time Antivirus Protection from the Latest Ransomware, Hacking Attempts and More. Get Sophos Home Today.

Sophos Endpoint Security and Control is an integrated suite of security software. Avogadro's number calculator.

Sophos Anti-Virus

Sophos Anti-Virus detects and cleans up viruses, Trojans, worms, and spyware, as well as adware and other potentially unwanted applications. Our HIPS (Host Intrusion Prevention System) technology can also protect your computer from suspicious files and rootkits. In addition, Malicious Traffic Detector can detect communications between your computer and command and control servers involved in a botnet or other malware attack.

Sophos Behavior Monitoring

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Sophos Behavior Monitoring uses our HIPS technology to protect Windows computers from unidentified or 'zero-day' threats and suspicious behavior.

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Sophos Live Protection

Sophos Live Protection improves detection of new malware without the risk of unwanted detections. This is achieved by doing an instant lookup against the very latest known malware. When new malware is identified, Sophos can send out updates within seconds.

Sophos Web Protection

Sophos Web Protection provides enhanced protection against web threats by preventing access to locations that are known to host malware. It blocks endpoints' access to such sites by performing a real-time lookup against Sophos's online database of malicious websites. It also scans downloaded data and files and checks file reputation.

Sophos Application Control

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Sophos Application Control blocks unauthorized applications such as Voice over IP, instant messaging, file sharing, and game software.

Sophos Device Control

Sophos Device Control blocks unauthorized external storage devices and wireless connection technologies.

Sophos Data Control

Sophos Data Control prevents the accidental leakage of personally-identifiable information from managed computers.

Sophos Web Control


Sophos Web Control provides protection, control, and reporting for computers that are located, or roam, outside the corporate network.

Sophos Client Firewall

Sophos Client Firewall prevents worms, Trojans, and spyware from stealing and distributing sensitive information, and also prevents intrusion from hackers.

Sophos AutoUpdate

Sophos AutoUpdate offers fail-safe updating and can throttle bandwidth when updating over low-speed network connections.


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Sophos Tamper Protection

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Sophos Tamper Protection prevents unauthorized users (users with limited technical knowledge) and known malware from uninstalling Sophos security software or disabling it through the Sophos Endpoint Security and Control interface.