Spring Blender


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Today we’ll make a simple spring model in Blender. Thanks to the Screw modifier it’s very easy to do, so let’s get started. I’ll be using the 2.81 version of Blender. We’re going to cover the following techniques and topics:

  • Bezier Circle curve
  • Screw modifier
  • convert curve to mesh
  • metallic material
  • align active camera to selected
  • clipping (clip end value)

Here’s the video version if you feel like watching it first:

And now let’s follow the steps to create our spring model in Blender.

Spring BlenderSpring

Step 1 – Start the Spring Model by Adding a Bezier Circle

Before we start modeling the spring model, let’s delete the default cube.

A spring is a spiral. We can easily make a spiral by applying a Screw modifier to a curve. The curve of our choice is a circle. So, add a BezierCircle. You can do it in the Add menu. Make sure to select Curve -> Circle, not the mesh one.

Step 2 – Move the Circle

The Screw modifier swirls the curve around itsorigin, so we have to move either the origin or the circle itself. Let’s do thelatter. With the circle curve selected go to edit mode and move it 10 units tothe right: G X 10. Then rotate the circle: R X 90


When done, go back to object mode.

Spring Blender Animation

Step 3 – Add a Screw Modifier

With the circle selected, add a Screw modifier.

Spring Blender

Step 4 – Offset the Revolution

To offset the revolution along the Z axis, set Screw to 10 m (A). To make the spring longer increase the number of iterations to 10 (B).

Step 5 – Convert Curve to Mesh

Before you can apply the Screw modifier, you have to convert the curve to mesh. You can do it in the Object menu. Just select Mesh from Curve/Meta/Surf/Text.

Step 6 – Add a Subdivision Surface Modifier to the Spring Model

Add a Subdivision Surface modifier with 2 subdivisions.

Step 7 – Select an Edge Loop

Apply the modifier. Go to edit mode and select the edge loop at the upper end of the spring.

Step 8 – Make a Face

Make a face by pressing F on your keyboard.

Step 9 – Fill the Other End of the Spring Model

Also select the last loop at the lower end of the spring and create a face.

Step 10 – Add Material to the Spring Model

Spring Blender File

We’re done with the modeling part. Time for some basic shading. Go to object mode and switch to Material Preview (A). Add a new material and set its Metallic value to 1. Latest citrix receiver.

Step 11 – Set the Light

Blender Spring Movie Download

Go to Rendered shading (A). Select the light and move it up: G Z 100. Make sure it’s set to to the point type (B) and set its power to 30000 W. Set the color of the light to hex FFC972 (D).

Step 12 – Set the Camera

Now we want the camera to see the spring. So, let’s align it to the spring. First, select the spring and then, in the View menu select Align View -> Align Active Camera to Selected.

Step 13 – Camera View

Blender movie download

Spring Blender Short

Now if you go to camera view (hit 0 on your numpad to do it), you will see nothing. Select the camera and in the Object Data tab you will see the reason. The Clip End is by default set to 100 m, which means anything that is farther away from the camera is not going to be rendered.

Step 14 – Set the Clip End

Setting the Clip End value to a higher number, like 300 m, will solve this problem and the spring will be rendered.

Spring Blender Open

Step 15 – Render the Image of the Spring Model

Spring Blender Short Film

A nice challenge would be to add some spring animations, like a simple harmonic motion, but it was supposed to be just a simple spring and so it is, so let’s leave it off right here. Now you can render the image in the Render menu.