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I recently recounted the story of finding the project car that my son Alex and I will be working on between now and when he’s able to drive. In doing so, I hinted at some of the distinctly unique experiences one can expect to have while shopping on Craigslist. For those of you in the market for car parts rather than a complete car, rest assured that you will not miss out on any of those thrilling, life altering experiences that will reinforce your belief that humanity only has gotten as far as it has due to shear luck.

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Close-ratio T56, Wide-ratio T56. Engine type: GM, Ford & Mopar. Tremec T56 Magnum Slip Yoke 1350 $ 160.00 $ 145.00 Add to cart. T56 Slave cylinder (LS engines). Apr 18, 2021 T56 transmission camaro ls1 6speed - $500 (Wappingers Falls) hello up for sale is my 2001 camaro ls1 t56 6 speed transmission. This tranny is in need of a rebuild but is 90% complete. Input shaft is toast (see broken teeth in pic) but everything else appears good. This is one of the more sought-after t56 trannies. Was going to use for a. Find American Powertrain Tremec T-56 Magnum Manual Transmissions and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! American Powertrain Tremec T-56 Magnum manual transmissions are brand new from the ground up (except their gear ratios). They can withstand up to 700 lbs.-ft. Of torque, with gears featuring substantially increased face widths and 2-piece laser-beam welded construction. Houston for sale. « » press to search craigslist. C5 Corvette T56 Transmission Fully Built 97-04 $2,500 (Houston Tx) pic hide this posting restore restore. The T56 Manual Transmission is a 6-speed transmission which can adapt for many different types of applications. Originally, the T-56 Manual Transmission was designed and built by Borg-Warner for the Dodge Viper. In 1992, General Motors began using it for its generation II and future engines.

Those of you who are more familiar with my previous automotive exploits will recall that I once daily-drove a 1995 Chevy Caprice ex-Virginia state police car into which I had swapped a T56 manual transmission. As the old expression goes, once you drive a T56, you will be remiss, if you don’t put one in all your project cars. Or something like that. So our build plan definitely includes swapping a T56 into the Cutlass.

When shopping for a T56, you will discover that there are numerous variations of T56’s, both new and used. At the pricier end of the spectrum, for about $3,000, you can buy a completely new unit (Tremec’s T56 Magnum) with a choice of gear ratios and shifter locations. Unfortunately, that’s close to our budget for the entire car, so we were forced to explore other, more wife-friendly (cheaper) options.

One budget-friendly option would be to find a transmission at a used auto parts store, or as those with a somewhat less refined palette might call it, a junkyard. The ideal donor vehicle would be a 1998-2002 F-body (Chevy Camaro, Pontiac Firebird/Trans Am) with an LS1. Unfortunately, they are impossible to find in junkyards in my area, despite hours spent searching every pick-your-own yard within a 100-mile radius.

Another option would be to search on what is the most complete collection of fine goods for sale online by only the most upstanding, thoroughly-vetted sellers, Craigslist. This opened up two sub-options: buying a transmission, or buying a car with a transmission we wanted and parting out the remaining car. Fortunately, used F-bodies don’t have very high resale values, so finding a car for barely the price of the transmission alone isn’t terribly difficult. The only drawback to this approach would be having to convince my wife that it makes sense for a home with three drivers to add a seventh vehicle. We had actually worked out a deal with one seller, but as I was about halfway through the hour-long trip to check out the car he was selling, he let me know that it had already sold. After I’d texted him to confirm I was en route to meet him at the place and time we’d arranged the day before, of course. We explored several other cars and transmissions for sale before stumbling on….


Tremec T56 For Sale

Option three, eBay. We happened upon a T56 from an LT1 Camaro for sale locally. The starting bid was $800. Fortunately for us, no one else seemed interested in this particular item, so our opening $800 bid won it. Ironically, upon arriving to pick up the transmission, I noticed in the same garage an engine that I’d seen advertised on Craigslist, in an ad that also mentioned a T56 for sale for $1800. Somehow, we’d scored the $1800 transmission for just $800!!

The more astute of my readers may be thinking at this point, “but wait, you’re installing an LM7, that’ll never work with an LT1 spec T56. You’re completely unqualified to be working on this beautiful, classic automobile.” But, as detailed in this article, converting an LT1 T56 to an LS-style T56 is a pretty straightforward procedure. The parts needed are readily available, and consist mainly of a new input shaft and front cover.

Ford T56 For Sale Craigslist

In a future article, I’ll detail the conversion procedure. In the meantime, I’ll be scouring Craigslist for a donor vehicle for our engine. There are a lot of GM trucks for sale at great prices from distant sellers who are willing to ship for free from far-away lands if I’ll just send payment electronically.

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See our detailed list of transmissions and parts that we offer. T56 6 Speed Manual Transmissionsand parts includes bearing rebuild kits with and without synchrony rings, seals,bushings,washers,individual bearings,synchro assembly hub,synchro rings,shift forks,gears,input shafts,cluster and main shafts. Also available are small parts adapters and miscellaneous parts. Give us a call if you would like to save money, ask about our good take out parts (GTO), they are inspected and guaranteed.

Use our online shopping cart, just double click the part number and see additional information, add to cart or proceed to check out. If you need more information or cannot find the parts you need give us a call 888-824-2014, if you would like to save money, ask about our good take out parts (GTO), they are inspected and guaranteed.

See the complete line of products that we offer at www.midwesttrans. To speak to a Drive Train Expert or to place an order call toll free 888-824-2012, buy factory direct and save money!

Having issues diagnosing problems with your T56 6 Speed manual transmission we can help. Luminar 4 free download for mac. We have a large inventory of finished rebuilt T56 Manual Transmissions plus transmission parts. We offer factory rebuilt re-manufactured units that are dyno tested before leaving the factory, these units have a 12 month no hassle warranty. . The T56 was used by Chevrolet, Cadillac, Dodge, Ford and Pontiac. This very popular 6 Speed transmission is used in the following models: Cadillac CTS 5.7L, Chevrolet Camaro 5.7L, Dodge Viper 8.0, 8.3L, Ford Mustang 4.6, 5.4L, Pontiac Firebird, Trans Am 5.7L and Chevrolet Corvette 5.7L.

Free T56 6 Speed Parts Illustration

Below we provide a T56 parts illustrations (2 pages) to assist you with correct identification of the parts you need. Select the parts you require from the following list and give us a call.

ApplicationYearEngineCorrect Rebuild Kit W/O Syncros see list below
CADILLAC CTS-V (Velocity)20078 cyl 5.7LMWT-396
CHEVROLET CAMARO20028 cyl 5.7L MWT-396
DODGE VIPER 200210cyl 8.0L MWT-396
DODGE VIPER Late 10cyl 8.3L MWT-396
Ford MUSTANG 2000 8cyl 5.4L MWT-396
Ford MUSTANG 2004 8cyl 4.6L MWT-396
PONTIAC FIREBIRD and TRANS AM 2002 8 cyl 5.7L MWT-396
Dwg Num Description Part Number / SKU Your Cost
Transmission Manual Rebuilt
Manual Transmission Pontiac 2004-2006 GTO 5.7 MTGM047$2,666.67
Manual Transmission 92-UP Viper 6 spd MTCRY022$3,766.67
Manual Transmission 03-04 Mustang 4.6L SVT Corba 6spd MTFRD078$2,133.33
Manual Transmission 6 speed F-CAR aftermarket 1386-000-011$3,466.67
Corvette C5 Transmission 1386-000-023$3,466.00
Manual Transmission 93-97 BW GM 6spd Camaro MTGM030$2,926.67
Manual Transmission 93-97 BW GM 6spd Camero/Corvette MTGM030N$3,250.00
Manual Transmission 97-UP BW 6 SPD Corvette MTGM037$3,326.67
Manual Transmission 98-02 Camaro 6spd W/ Internal Slave Cyl MTGM046$3,193.33
Manual Transmission 1999-04 4.6L Ford Corba-R Elect Speedo 10SPL Iinput 31SPL OP TUET1260$3,323.00
Bearing Rebuild Kit
Bearing Rebuild Kit 97-Up Corvette GTO 6spd BRG KIT MWT-396A$231.69
Bearing Rebuild Kit 93-Up 6spd MWT-396$149.45
Bearing Rebuild Kit w/o Syncro Rings (97-04) (Corvette) MWT396A$251.83
Bearing Rebuild Kit w/o Syncro Rings (93-08) (Except Corvette) MWT396$102.69
Bearing Rebuild Kit with Syncro Rings (97-04) (Corvette) MWT396AWS$801.00
Bearing Rebuild Kit with Syncro Rings (93-08) (Except Corvette) MWT396WS$425.42
Bearing Rebuild Kit 6spd W/Syncro 93-On BK396WS$567.23
68Seal Front 200250$2.67
Seal Inner Skhift Saft Corvette 1300-044-021$8.00
132Seal Input SM420/ BW 6spd 200250$2.67
176Seal Rear 200250$2.67
Seal Rear 8850$4.88
Seal Rear CR17774$1.77
159Seal Rear Corvette Only TRS394074A$51.28
159Seal Shift Shaft Outer Corvette 1386-044-001$13.33
Bushing Extension Housing (1.630″ OD) (1.0″ Wide) 35008$10.00
Bushing Extension Housing (1.630″ OD) (1.5″ Wide) 6014$7.00
Bushing Tail 315008$5.67
Washer Reverse (Plastic) 1386-193-005$6.67
Washer Reverse (Metal) 1386-193-004$6.67
Washer Reverse Snap Ring TRS394860$1.33
Washer Thrust 6TH Gear 1386-193-008$13.33
Washer Thrust Reverse 1386-193-005$6.67
Small Parts Kit
16Small Parts Kit 93-05 BW 6spd SP56-50$28.40
Bearing Shaft Main (Rear) TRS394211$21.50
Bearing Counter Shaft (Rear) 32008$15.67
Bearing Set Counter Shaft (Rear) LM48510/LM48548$13.25
Bearing Pocket Taurus SHO LM12749$8.00
Bearing Cone Shaft Main 25572$28.00
Bearing Cone Counter Shaft Extension 25572$28.00
Bearing Cone Pocket Input Shaft LM12749$8.00
Bearing Counter Shaft (Front) 25520$10.67
Bearing Cup Input Shaft Pocket 25520$10.67
Bearing Cup Counter Shaft Extension 25520$10.67
Bearing Cup Main Shaft 25520$10.67
Bearing Input Race T5 Mustang 4CYL Turbo M88010$9.31
Bearing Input T5 Mustang 4CYL Turbo M88048$12.91
Bearing Needle Reverse 1386-132-003$11.93
Bearing Race Pocket TAURUS SHO LM12711$5.33
Bearing Rear Main Shaft RT5305S$28.67
Bearing Spacer (Rear Main Shaft) 1386-193-006$6.50
BearingNeedle Reverse Gear 1386-132-003$11.93
Synchro Assembly
2Synchro 1-2 Assembly (Corvette) (Double Lined) TNKT1873$219.67
2Synchro 1-2 Assembly (Except Corvette) (Single Lined) TNKT1873$219.67
2.5Syncro Assembly 1/2 TNKT1873$219.53
Syncro Assembly 3/4 W/O Springs /Dogs 1386-590-002$233.33
Syncro Assembly 5/6 1386-590-003$140.00
80Synchro Assembly 3-4 (Except Corvette) 1386-590-006$233.33
701 KE Synchro Assembly 3-4 (Corvette) 1386-590-006$233.33
2.5 Synchro Assembly 5-6 1386-590-003$120.58
2.5 Reverse Syncro Assembly 1386-590-004$233.33
Syncro Rings
16Synchro 1-2 (Corvette) (Inner) (Single Lined) (qty 2) 1386-025-001$28.41
16Synchro 1-2 (Corvette) (Middle) 1386-525-007$69.47
16Synchro 1-2 (Corvette) (Outer) 1386-091-008$40.51
2Synchro 1-2 (Except Corvette) (Outer) (Unlined) (Requires 2) 1386-091-001$25.63
2Synchro 1-2 Cone (Inner) 1386-025-001$28.28
2.5 Syncro 1-2 (Except Corvette)(Middle) Corvette has no middle 1386-525-008Call
8Synchro 1-2 Key & Spring Kit (Except Corvette) TRS394701-2K$7.05
40Syncro Ring Inner 1/2 1386-025-001$28.28
162 164 Syncro Ring Fiber 1/2 T45 1386-525-006$49.96
50Syncro Ring 1/2 Friction Center Corvette T-Bird 1386-525-007$69.47
172Syncro Ring Outer 1/2 1386-091-001$25.63
169 Syncro Ring Outer 1/2 Corvette 1386-091-008$40.51
97 Syncro Ring Outer 1/2 Corvette 1386-091-010$33.27
50Syncro Ring Inner Corvette 3RD 1386-025-002$31.60
2.5 Syncro 3rd (Corvette) Inner 1386-025-002$31.60
2.5 Syncro 3rd (Except Corvette) 1386-591-003$20.66
135 Syncro Ring 3/4 Shaft Main T45 1386-591-003$77.60
40Syncro Ring Inner Corvette 4/5/6 1386-025-003$27.47
86Syncro Ring Outer 3RD Corvette 1386-091-009$38.47
154Synchro 3rd (Corvette) (Middle) 1386-525-009$28.28
148Synchro 3rd (Corvette) (Outer) 1386-091-009$38.47
150Synchro 4th (Corvette) (Middle) 1386-525-010$30.38
150Synchro 4th (Corvette) (Outer) 1386-091-011$26.60
154Synchro 4th (Corvette) Inner 1386-025-003$27.47
154Synchro 4th (Except Corvette) 1386-591-003$77.60
135Synchro Key & Spring Kit 3-4 T56-K3$7.25
50Syncro Ring 5/6 Shaft Counter 1386-591-005$58.67
147Synchro 5-6 (Corvette)(Middle) 1386-591-005$58.67
152Synchro 5-6 (Corvette) (Middle) 1386-525-010$30.38
Synchro Key & Spring Kit 5-6-Reverse T56-K5$7.05
N.I. Syncro Ring Inner Corvette T-Bird 1386-525-008$109.77
23Syncro Ring Kit (Corvette) (97-Up) SRK396A$565.33
23ASyncro Ring Kit (Except Corvette) (93-Up) RKT56$354.87
23CSyncro Ring Kit 97-UP Corvette 6spd 04-06 Pontiac GTO no Outers SRK396A$565.33
23BSyncro Ring Kit BW 1PC 3/4/5/6 RINGS **Not For Corvette RKT56$354.86
86Syncro Ring Outer 4TH Corvette 1386-091-011$26.60
50Syncro Reverse (Corvette) 1386-091-007$17.67
133Syncro Ring Reverse Main Shaft 1386-091-007$17.67
Fork Assembly 5/6 W/ Pads 1386-596-003$26.67
Fork (3/4 Updated) TNECO843Call
Fork 1-2 (All) 1386-596-013$19.33
Fork 3/4 (Alum) (Requires 2) TNEC0843$0.00
Fork 5/6 1386-596-003$26.67
Fork 6th (Cast #1386-096-903) 1386-596-003$26.67
Fork Insert Kit INSK-T56$13.22
Fork Pad 1/2 1000-127-006$0.67
Fork Pad 5/6 Reverse 1345-235-001$0.67
Fork Pad Brass 1/2/3/4 Large T56-28A$8.00
Fork Pad Brass 5/6/REV Small T56-28B$8.00
Fork Reverse (Cast #1386-096-909) 1386-596-009$26.56
Fork Shift 1/2 1386-596-013$19.33
Fork Steel 3/4 Fork Updated TNEC0843$0.00
Gear 1st (39 T) Close Ratio (Tag #’s 013, 014, 016, 017, 018) 1386-081-007$198.67
Gear 1st (39 T) Close Ratio (Tag #’s 015, 019) ( Corvette Except Z06) 1386-081-008$439.68
Gear 1st (43 T) Wide Ratio (Tag #’s 006) ( Corvette Z06 Only) TUEN1122$440.03
Gear 1st (43 T) Wide Ratio (Tag #’s 007, 011, 012) 1386-081-006$198.67
Gear 2nd (41 T) (Corvette) Wide Ratio (Tag #’s Some 006) TUEN1123$266.33
Gear 2nd (41 T) (Exc Corvette) Wide Ratio (Some 006, 007, 011, 012) 1386-082-004$202.90
Gear 2nd (43 T) Close Ratio (Tag #’s 003, 005, 009) 1386-0820-05$151.54
Gear 2nd (43 T) Close Ratio (Tag #’s 013, 014, 016, 017, 018) 1386-082-005$202.00
Gear 2nd (43 T) Close Ratio (Tag #’s 015, 019) 1386-082-006$258.00
Gear 3rd (37 T) “906” on Gear (Tag #’s 007, 011, 012) 1386-083-006$258.00
Gear 3rd (37 T) “907” on Gear (Tag #’s 003, 005, 009, 013, 014, 016, 017, 018) 1386-083-007$254.92
Gear 3rd (37 T) ( Corvette Z06) Wide Ratio (Tag #’s 006) TUEN1124$464.40
Gear 5-6 Shaft Main Driven (use w/ 394672) 1386-070-002$116.25
Gear 5-6 Shaft Main Driven (use w/ 394672A) T56-160$225.00
Gear 5th Counter Shaft (58 T) (except Corvette) 1386-086-004$211.09
Gear 6th Cluster (67 T) (except Corvette) 1386-087-004$434.16
Gear Reverse Shaft Main (35 T) 1386-088-003$424.90
Gear 1ST 43T (Corvette) 1386-081-006$205.60
Gear 1st 39T 1386-081-007$126.67
Gear 2nd 41T (aftermarket) 1386-082-004$404.60
Gear 2nd 43 T Camaro, FirBird & Viper 1386-082-005$202.05
Gear 2nd 43T 1386-082-005$153.33
N.I. Gear 3RD 37T 1386-083-006$241.97
Gear 3rd 37T (aftermarket) 1386-083-006$100.00
Gear 5TH Shaft Counter 58T 1386-086-004$211.11
Gear 6TH Counter Shaft 65T 1386-087-003$304.80
N.I. Gear Reverse Shaft Main 35T 1386-088-003$205.60
Gear Shaft Counter 59T 5TH 1386-086-003$352.22
Gear Shaft Counter 65T 5TH 1386-087-003$314.70
Gear Shaft Counter 67T 5TH 1386-087-004$431.37
Gear 5th/6th 37T/29T T56-160$155.67
174Shaft Counter(36-33-28-17) 1386-410-008$1,040.17
173Shaft Counter(38-34-26-19) 1386-410-007$1,244.33
173Shaft Counter 36-33-28-17 1386-410-008$1,051.15
N.I. Shaft Counter 38-34-26-19T Corvette 1386-410-007$393.33
203 Shaft Input (29 T) (Ford) 9 3/4″ (Tag #’s 012) 1386-585-008$458.08
134Shaft Input (31 T) (GM Except Corvette) 10 3/4″ (LS1) (98-00) 1386-585-010$328.77
203Shaft Input (31 T) (Viper) 11 1/2″ 1386-585-004$574.40
134Shaft Input Mustang Corba OE 31T 10SPL TUEF1705$206.67
206Shaft Input (29 T) ( Corvette Z06) Wide Ratio. TUEF1218$281.42
207Shaft Input (29 T) (GM Exc Corvette) 11 1/8″ (LS1) (Tag #’s 011) 138-6585-007$319.94
185Shaft Input (29 T) (GM Exc Corvette) 9 1/4″ (LT1) (Tag #’s 006 & 007) 1386-585-003$341.25
6Shaft Input (31 T) (GM Exc Corvette) 9 1/4″ (LT1) (#’s 009, 013, 016) 1386-585-009$342.33
16Shaft Input 29T, 11 1/8″ 1386-585-007$426.59
16Shaft Input 31T (10 3/4″) 1386-585-010$328.64
16Shaft Input 31T, 9 1/4″ 93-97 CHEV LT1 TAG# 009,013,016 1386-585-005$208.00
16Shaft Input 93-97 5.7L LT1 GM F-CAR 29 Spline Input 37 Spline Output 1386-000-016$2,962.00
16Shaft Input 98 GM 5.7L LS1 F-CAR 6spd 26 SPL, 27SPL OP 1386-000-017$2,962.00
21Shaft Input GM 31T 10 3/4″ 98-2000 1386-585-010$328.64
21Shaft Input Bearing Cone TRSM88010&48$9.31
21Shaft Main Dodge Viper 30SPL 1386-171-004$336.03
Shaft Main (27 Spline) (GM Exc Corvette) used w/ 394585-2A. T56-2$281.31
Shaft Main (31 Spline) (Ford Corba Mustang) 1386-171-005$370.50
11Shaft Main 30SPL 1386-171-004$327.79
11Shaft Main 93-02 27SPL GM T56-2$281.31
19Shaft Main GM 27SPL non updated Camaro 1386-171-003-R$254.11
160Shaft Main Pontaic GTO TUFP2065$220.00
160Shaft Main 27SPL T56-2$281.31
Adapter Kit
Adapter Kit w/Bolts & Retainer GMT56-ADAPTER$273.33
Adapter Plate for Kit GMT56-PLATE$46.67
Adapter Plate Front GM TAG#017 1386-672-008$269.78
Front Adapter Plate (GM) After-market (LT1 w/ 31 T Input Shaft) 1386-172-008$331.42
Adapter Plate Front (GM) OEM Style. TRSD394771$491.00
Bolt Adapter Tapered 12 X 1.75 X 40MM Cap Screw 39988$1.50
153Retainer Input Bearing T45 T56-6$66.60
Quill & Tube Front (Ford Only) 1386-034-006$292.00
97Quill & Tube Front (GM Except Corvette) 1386-034-001$26.27
190Shift Knob Kit 6spd 39Q-39-1X$45.27
36Shim Kit (Complete) TRKT13715K$53.33
Shim Kit Input Shaft TRS394204K$14.60
16Spring Wave Reverse 1386-156-005$5.00

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