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I am running what I believe is the latest version of the Citrix Workspace app, Within the advanced preferences of the Citrix Workspace application, there is a 'High DPI' section with three possible settings (Yes, No, Let operating system decide). I have tried all three options with no success. See screenshot2 attached. Citrix Receiver for Windows product software. Citrix Workspace App Workspace app for Windows Current Release Subscribe to RSS notifications of new downloads. Citrix Receiver Installation: For Army Reserve devices install Citrix receiver from software center on desktop. If not available call helpdesk. For Home PC download latest receiver from Currently you need at least Version 4.12 or newer or Citrix Workspace.

Mar 10, 2020
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Citrix Desktop with Dual Screens

When you login to the Citrix desktop, it may default to only using a single monitor. Here are the steps to expand your session to use more than one monitor.

  1. From inside the Citrix desktop, if you are already in a full-screen view, click on the black connection bar then click on Window to go into a windowed view.
  2. Your Citrix screen will become a smaller window. Drag the Citrix desktop session window so that it spans across both of your screens. (To do this you can click at the top of the Citrix session and drag the window so that it is showing up halfway on each of your monitors.)
  3. Click on the black connection bar again and then click on Full-Screen. This will expand the Citrix desktop across both monitors.
  4. To get this SAVED for future use with more than one monitor, click on the black connection bar one last time and click on Disconnect. This will disconnect you from your Citrix desktop session, but when you log back in to the Citrix desktop the system will remember your dual screen preference and will properly detect which monitors to use as your primary and secondary screens (it detects this setting from your local computer).

Note: if you have more than two monitors, the same steps will work, you will just need to expand the windowed view across all of the monitors that you want to use.

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