Using Citrix Receiver On Mac


Yes this is possible, but you have to uncheck the option 'Displays have Separate Spaces' in 'Mission Control' in Settings. This will require a logout to become active. After that, you need to drag/span the Citrix Workspace window over the two screens. Hello and thank you for contacting the Service Desk. In this video we will show you how to use the Citrix remote desktop application on a multi monitor setup.

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Printing Changes:

Printing in Citrix Receiver 11.8.2 has changed from the previous IS&T distributed version, 11.3.2. In 11.3.2, when initiating a print job, a dialog box would prompt in the Citrix App, followed by another, Mac OS print dialog box. While many users use this function for saving files to PDF within the Mac OS print dialog, this was considered redundant by Citrix and has been removed since version 11.4 (see Improved Printing Support note in the What's New section). Users are only able to configure their print jobs while in the Citrix App they are running.

Printing to PDF:

IS&T is working on a workaround for saving files to PDF from Citrix Apps, though none is available at this time. Users who need to print to PDF should remain on 11.3.2 or use desired app in a IS&T virtual machine.


February 2014: IS&T is investigating the cause of this behavior. More information will be posted here as it becomes available.

Using Citrix Receiver On Mac Laptop


  • Users are able to run BrioQuery reports via Citrix using Citrix Receiver 11.8
  • Reports can be exported to Excel and downloaded to the local machine.
  • Saving an updated version of the BrioQuery file fails with an Access Denied error.
  • In Citrix 11.3.2 includes a dialog box in which users can allow read and or right access to mapped drives.
    Citrix 11.3, Citrix Receiver >> Preferences >> Devices
  • In Citrix 11.8, the ability to add mapped drive preferences is missing.
    Citrix 11.8, Citrix Viewer >> Preferences >> Devices
  • Despite configuring Citrix to allow read and write access, users attempting to save an updated version of a .bqy file will receive an error:

Use Citrix Receiver On Multiple Monitors Mac


Using Citrix Receiver On Mac Windows 10

  • Workaround solutions:
    • Save the file to the WIN.MIT.EDU share.
    • Save the file to a USB drive, then copy over to the Macintosh hard drive.
  • The above workaround solutions are inconvenient and labor intensive. Although Citrix 11.3 is not officially supported for use on Mac OS 10.11, users may wish to continue to use Citrix 11.3.
  • To downgrade from Citrix 11.8 to Citrix 11.3, users should run that Uninstaller that is packaged with the Citrix 11.8 installer.
    [hd:How to uninstall Citrix client 11.8]