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What is it ..

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mdmath allows to use Visual Studio Code as a markdown editor capable of typesetting and rendering TeX math.K,In fact it now reuses the built in markdown viewer. KaTeX works inside as a fast math renderer.

You can install the extension directly from Visual Studio Code Marketplace.

What is new in mdmath 2.5.0 ..

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  • Markdown+Math is compatible with Pandoc. So with dollars namespace inline usage of $$.$$ math expressions will result in display math notation (output on separate line).
  • Multiline math expressions in blockquote blocks are supported.
  • Code size is reduced.
  • Regular expressions were simplified.
  • Runtime performance is improved.


Simplify the process of authoring and live previewing markdown documents containing math formulas.This extension is a comfortable tool for scientists, engineers and students with markdown as their first choicedocument format.

  • Inline math
  • Display math
  • Formula numbering
  • Inline math with tables
  • Works offline.
  • Integrated in native markdown viewer. So after installing the extension, TeX math is properly displayed in the markdown preview window.
  • Based on markdown-it plugin markdown-it-texmath.
  • Using vscode's Markdown Extension API.
  • Editor view and Preview are synchronized while scrolling.
  • Copy resulting HTML code to the system clipboard.
  • Due to markdown-it-texmath's support of different formula delimiters, these are also available and user configurable with mdmath:
    • 'dollars' (default)
      • inline: $..$
      • display: $$..$$
      • display + equation number: $$..$$ (1)
    • 'brackets'
      • inline: (..)
      • display: [..]
      • display + equation number: [..] (1)
    • 'gitlab'
      • inline: $`..`$
      • display: ```math .. ```
      • display + equation number: ```math .. ``` (1)
    • 'julia'
      • inline: $..$ or ``..``
      • display: ```math .. ```
      • display + equation number: ```math .. ``` (1)
    • 'kramdown'
      • inline: $$..$$
      • display: $$..$$
      • display + equation number: $$..$$ (1)

Installation ..

.. from inside of VSCode

Press F1 key inside of Visual Studio Code and type extension. Choose Extensions: Install Extensionand then select the Markdown+Math extension from the list.




.. from Mac & Linux Command Line

.. from Windows Command Line


  • Launch VS Code, create or open a markdown file (.md).
  • Open a preview window.
  • Typeset in your markdown source window and see the preview window live updating.
  • Press Ctrl+K, or run the command Save Markdown+Math to HTML to save the corresponding HTML source to the file system.
  • Press Ctrl+K. or run the command Clip Markdown+Math to HTML to copy the corresponding HTML source to the underlying systems clipboard.

User Settings


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Default Settings

Example Settings

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  • markdown-it: The markdown renderer also used in VS Code.
  • katex: This is where credits for fast rendering TeX math in HTML go to.

See Full List On


  • How to define my own CSS file for HTML export ?

    • Define it by the user setting as an absolute URL. So for an example you might choose 'file://c:/mystyle/mystyle.css' with windows.
  • How to define and use macros ?

    • Define them in user settings. For example ..
    • Use them in your markdown document. For example ..
  • How to define macros in a user macro file?

    • Create a JSON file containing the macros and define its path in user settings. For example ..
    • Define the macros the same way as in the user settings.
    • User macro definition file has priority over user defined macro settings, which are ignored then.
  • Are there global predefined macros ?

    • No. Macros are user defined with user settings mdmath.macros. So they are available in all user specific markdown documents.
  • Can I write the HTML source to a file ?

    • Yes. Use the Markdown: Save Markdown+Math to Html command or the key binding Ctrl+K,.
    • The Html file is written to the folder where the markdown file resides in. This is the default.
    • You can change the destination folder by specifying a relative path to your working directory with the help of the user setting mdmath.savePath. So for an example you might choose mdmath.savePath: './html/${}.html'.
  • Can I synchronously let the HTML source file update ?

    • Yes. Simply set the user setting mdmath.autosave: true for this (default is false).
    • Now, whenever you save your markdown file, the corresponding Html file is also saved.
    • The destination folder mdmath.savePath is used for this.
  • Formula highlighting is broken ?

    • It is implemented only for $ delimiters at present.
    • $ characters in markdown text are sometimes confused with math delimiters. Enclose them by backticks (`) then.
    • Formula highlighting is possible only for formulas on a single line. It breaks with every newline character.
    • Math highlighting is completely different from LaTeX math parsing.
  • Which functions does KaTeX support ?

    • See them listed at KaTeX Supported Functions and KaTeX Support Table.
  • What if I need to use the currency symbol $ also in my markup ?

    • It should be safe to use it. If in doubt escape it.
  • What are the restrictions with inline formulas ?

    • Whitespace after opening $ and before closing $ is not allowed.
    • Numeric character before opening $ and after closing $ is not allowed.
    • At least one character (whitespace ?) is required between two consecutive inline formulas.
    • Line break inside is not allowed.
  • What are the restrictions with display formulas ?

    • Not allowed inline of text.
    • Not allowed inside of tables. Use inline math there instead.
    • Blank lines before and behind required.
    • Restrictions for inline formulas do not apply.
  • Can I use math markup in blockquotes ?

    • We can use inline and display formulas in blockquote sections.
    • Multiline display math expressions require leading > characters on each line.
    • Multilevel blockquote sections work as expected.
  • Can I use math markup in code blocks ?

    • No, math markup in code blocks is shown - as expected - as markup. This is consistent now, but in contrast to mdmath versions prior to 2.0.
  • Can I access the HTML source of the markdown file ?

    • Yes. Use the Markdown: Clip Markdown+Math to Html command or the key binding Ctrl+K.
    • The markdown preview window has to be opened once for this in order to function properly.
    • You need to have the markdown source window activated here (not the preview window!).
    • Please note, that the resulting HTML source references 'CDN'-located remote css files. Change those references to local URL's if necessary.
  • Is PDF output supported ?

    • Not directly. In order to create *.pdf output from your Markdown you can create a *.html document first and print it then using a PDF printer or use Pandoc.
    • See Compiling Markdown into HTML.
  • Can I use custom CSS styles for the preview window ?

    • Yes. Set in user settings to the location of your custom CSS file. Its path must be relative to this extension root.
  • Can we store Latex macros with mdmath ?

    • Yes, there is a new section mdmath.globalMacros in package.json. Try to expand it with your own macros.

Thank You

The following folks helped to make mdmath even better.

  • elviswolcott: Implemented the feature of directly saving HTML to the file system including autosave ability.
  • colinfang: helped with implementing macros for mdmath 2.3.5.
  • lincr: Helped with fixing problems with mdmath.clipToHtml under Ubuntu.
  • TonySFU: Helped with fixing encoding problems with Chinese language under macOS when using mdmath.clipToHtml.
  • floatdrop: Verifying that clipboardy is a better alternative to copy-paste by implementing.
  • zhanglix: Helped with fixing the newline bug with gitlab delimiters.


See .github/

Changelog - Open Source Online Markdown Editor.



Markdown+Math for VS Code is licensed under the MIT License

© Stefan Gössner