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VueScan normally previews or scans a single frame at a time. If you want to do multiple frames at a time, use the 'Input Batch scan' option. You can significantly speed up batch scanning on some scanners by setting two options so the preview won't be done when you do a scan. VueScan normally previews or scans a single frame at a time. If you want to do multiple frames at a time, use the 'Input Batch scan' option. You can significantly speed up batch scanning on some scanners by setting two options so the preview won't be done when you do a scan.

For scanning film, Vuescan has a BATCH SCANNING mode that allows you to scan multiple images at once. This works when all of the frames you want to scan are on the same strip of film. For mounted slides, you can batch scan if your scanner allows more than oneslide to be loaded into it at once.

This tutorial was done with a Nikon LS-8000ED scanner, but the directions that I give here should work for any film scanner that is capable of batch scanning.

The batch scanning settings are on the INPUT tab. Under the MEDIA setting, you'll find the BATCH SCAN menu. Drawing app for macbook air.

There are four choices under the BATCH SCAN menu:


On: This makes the scanner scan every frame the scanner's film holder can hold. Use this only if you have filled all of the spots on the film holder, and you want them all scanned.

AUTO: I think that this is supposed to detect how many frames are loaded in the scanner and scan only those, not any empty spots on the film holder. On my scanner, however, it does not work.

LIST: Use this if you only want to scan some of the frames on a strip, or when you have fewer frames loaded than the scanner's film holder can hold.

When LIST is selected, a BATCH LIST box appears. Type in a list of frame numbers, seperated by dashes. To scan frames 1, 3, 4, and 5, for example, you would type 1-3-4-5 in the box. Note that frame numbers are the positions in the film holder, not the numbers printed on the film itself. So, frame 1 is the first frame in the holder, frame 2 is the second spot on the holder, etc.

Scanning Directions

SoftwareVuescan scanner software free license

1: Insert the film holder into the scanner and wait for it to initialize.

2: Choose a mode from the BATCH SCAN menu.

3: If you chose LIST, type the frames you want to scan into the BATCH LIST box.

4: Click the PREVIEW button. The scanner will make a preview scan of all of the frames you chose.

5: When all of the previews are done, Vuescan will display the last of the previews. Set the cropping and other settings you want to use for the photo.

6: To see the other previews, and set the crop and other settings for them, go to the FRAME NUMBER box, under the BATCH LIST box. Change the frame number to the next one you want to set up, then the next, etc. until you are done with all of them.

Batch Scan With Vuescan

7: Click the SCAN button to do the final scans. Vuescan will scan all of the images in your list.

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Vuescan Batch Scanning

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