W58 Gearbox


SHIFTER POSITION HOMEWORK - Internal link is available in 4 positions A-18' B-19' C-20.1/2' D-21'Spring blender open movie.

Toyota W58 Gearbox

Volvo 240-The 'Dellow' kit-'Volvo 4 cylinder to Supra, tilted engine', specify shifter in the 20 1/2' position
Volvo 740/940 models - For 740/940 they use the same bellhousing as a 240, but there is a shifter length problem and a solution. Problem: Compared to a 240, the 740/940 gear lever (and driver's seat) position is located an additional 4' (101mm) further rearward relative to the engine/gearbox. The Supra gearbox has an internal gearshift linkup with a choice of gearshift positions but doesn't extend far enough back as required.The longest Supra shifter option is 21', so for a 740/940 even if you select 21' your still 3 1/2' short of the original chassis hole. Measurements are from start of gearbox (not bellhousing) to centre line of shifter. Solution:- Hal Glenn from the USA overcame the fittment issue by extending the Supra internal linkage and alloy shifter box.
UPDATE 2007 - Dellow have limited stock of a 'Long stick Supra version' that would fit a 740.


Toyota W58 Gearbox

Known as the “W” range, the gearbox can be obtained with a number of Toyota vehicles, with different ratios. The best, and easiest to find in the UK, is the Supra 7M-G engine (non-turbo 1986-1992) which has the W58 gearbox. The box is also found in the two wheel drive pick-up trucks. Get the best deals for w58 transmission at eBay.com. We have a great online selection at the lowest prices with Fast & Free shipping on many items!