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In the months leading up to a show airing a new season, Sky will show the previous season boxsets. Then when the new season starts, we tend to remove that show's box sets. Westworld season 3 because March 2020. Once the full season has been live aired, we will then add ALL seasons back onto boxsets. Westworld is being broadcast on Sky Atlantic in the UK, which means you can watch the season 3 finale live at 9pm on Monday, May 4. It will be available to stream on-demand thereafter (as are all. Westworld season 3 finale recap: Dolores saves humanity. From multiple casualties to final twists, the climax didn't disappoint. Plus, two post-credits scenes set up more to come for Westworld.

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With so many plot lines to conclude, the end of the wildly ambitious third season of Westworld is shaping up to be a classic. Read on to find out how to watch the Westworld season 3 finale online from anywhere in the world.

Westworld season 3 finale cheat sheet

The final episode of Westworld season 3 airs Sunday, May 3 at 9pm ET/6pm PT in the US. HBO is the channel you'll need to watch it live - and cord-cutters can easily get this for FREE courtesy of Hulu's free trial offerings.

First though, a quick warning: Westworld spoilers lie ahead, so if you're not fully up-to-date with the show, proceed at your own risk.

Westworld seaosn 3 has seen the show move beyond the confines of the Delos Corporation’s playground for the rich and into the real world - and the latest series of the sci-fi show based on Michael Crighton's book has arguably been its most entertaining yet.


Titled 'Crisis Theory', the Westworld season 3 finale looks set to provide us with a fittingly tense conclusion, as host Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) and antagonist Serac (Vincent Cassell) prepare for their inevitable showdown.

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A teaser trailer also reveals Dolores will finally reveal her master plan to defeat humanity, as she sets angry former soldier Caleb (Aaron Paul) on a mission to radically change the world - while her nemesis Maeve (Thandie Newton) and her doppelgänger Haloros (Tessa Thompson) will do everything in their power to stop this.

Read on and we'll explain how to watch the Westworld season 3 finale online - stream episode 8 and the entire series no matter where you are in the world with the help of our guide.

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How to watch the Westworld season 3 finale from outside your country

If you're trying to watch Westworld season 3, episode 8 from outside your country, you might have some difficulty making it past the geo-blocking restrictions. HBO, Sky Atlantic and other host channels (geddit?!) aren't usually accessible from outside their country of origin - but installing a VPN will allow you to stream Westworld online quickly and easily.

VPN is short for Virtual Private Network and it's essentially a piece of software that changes your IP address to a country of choosing - thereby allowing you to watch whatever streaming service you normally use and pay for at home.

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There are myriad options but after extensive testing, our favorite is ExpressVPN. You can quickly and easily connect to new locations, and watch from a massive range of devices from Android mobiles to games consoles. Plus, Express is also offering a 30-day money back guarantee, and if you sign up for a 12-month subscription you can save 49% and get three months free.

Westworld season 3 episodes

Once you've installed your VPN, simply select the country you would like to switch to from the menu, and you'll be able to head over to your normal broadcaster to watch the Westworld season 3 finale online.

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How to watch Westworld season 3 finale online in the US

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The most obvious way to watch the final episode Westworld season 3 online in the US is through one of HBO's own streaming services. If you've already got HBO with your cable subscription, you'll be able to access the latest episodes as they become available using HBO Go.

However, you can also sign up to HBO Now for $15 a month (plus a 7-day free trial) and watch the whole season as it happens. If you're not set on picking up a separate HBO Now subscription and you don't already get your cable through HBO Go, there are other ways to watch Westworld online.

Season 3 Westworld Finale

  • Amazon Prime: If you're a member of Amazon Prime, you can add HBO streaming to your plan for the same $14.99 cost per month.
  • Hulu: Add HBO to your Hulu subscription for an additional fee and you'll be able to keep all your services in one place.

The series finale of Westworld Season 3 airs tonight (Sunday, May 3) at 9pm ET / 6pm PT.

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How to watch the Westworld season 3 finale online in the UK for FREE

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Westworld is being broadcast on Sky Atlantic in the UK, which means you can watch the season 3 finale live at 9pm on Monday, May 4. It will be available to stream on-demand thereafter (as are all previous episodes) - either with your Sky package, or via a Now TV subscription.

While it normally costs £8.99 but you can currently pick up a Now TV Entertainment Pass for just £6.99 a month if you sign up to the service for a year. But first, be sure to take advantage of the FREE 7-day Now TV trial, which will allow to watch Westworld season 3 online for free.

And remember, if you're away from the UK and still want to watch via Sky or that Now TV FREE trial, then you can take advantage of that VPN route as described above.

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How to watch Westworld season 3 online: stream the finale in Canada

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Crave is your go-to source for a range of HBO and Showtime series in Canada. The service offers subscriptions either direct from your cable provider, or you can get a standalone Crave + Movies + HBO membership for $19.98 CAD a month. Plus, you can grab an extra week for free if you're a new member.

Westworld Season 3 Sky Go

You can catch the season 3 finale at the same time as audiences in the US, with the episode being broadcast on the channel on Sunday at 9pm ET.

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How to watch the Westworld season 3 finale online in Australia

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Foxtel has the broadcast rights to Westworld in Australia, meaning you can watch the finale as well as previous season 3 episodes online with the basic Foxtel subscription at AU$49 a month, which includes access to its companion online streaming platform.

The finale of Westworld season 3 is set to be shown Down Under this Monday evening at 8.30pm on Fox Showcase.

Westworld Season 3 Cast

Where can I watch old episodes of Westworld?

If you're new to the show, or need to catch up before season 3's grand conclusion, there are plenty of ways to binge watch earlier episodes, wherever you are in the world.

US:HBO Now and HBO Go both offer previous episodes of Westworld for catching up, but you can also watch Season One and Two on DirecTV.

UK: You'll be able to catch every previous episode of Westworld through a Now TV Entertainment Pass. That's especially handy if you're looking to watch season three at the same time. If you're a Sky TV subscriber, you can also watch the last two seasons of the show using Sky Go.

Everywhere else: If you can't find on-demand access to old episodes of Westworld where you are, there's always a VPN. Simply switch your location back to your country of residence and you'll be able to binge all the Westworld episodes you normally would at home on your local service of choice.

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