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Home Next Generation XG Firewalls Sophos XG 125 Firewalls Sort By: Price: Low to High Price: High to Low Most Popular Title Manufacturer Newest Oldest Availability 30 per page 60 per page 120 per page 180 per page 300 per page. Sophos XG 125 Firewalls The Sophos XG 125 firewall is one of the best SMB firewalls that offers superior performance with a simple management interface. These XG 125 firewalls are rated for 36-50 users, 6.5 Gbps firewall throughput, and 700 Mbps VPN throughput. Sophos Next Generation Firewall XG 125 is ideal for Small Businesses and branch offices at excellent price-to-performance ratio Work with software modules (to be ordered) for the security features. Firewall: 5 Gpbs, VPN: 410 Mbps, NGFW(IPS+App Ctrl): 360 Mbps, AV Proxy: 590 Mbps.

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The XG Series of firewalls come pre-loaded with the Sophos Firewall OS to provide optimal performance to meet today’s network security requirements, including our revolutionary Security Heartbeat™, full web application firewall, and complete email anti-spam, encryption and DLP. XG Series Hardware Appliances 85/105/115/125/135 Rev. 3, 86/106 Rev.1 Document Quick Start Guide XG 85 (contains English, German, Japanese and Simplified Chinese version).

The Sophos XG125W wirelessappliance is


designed to provide the optimal balance

between performance and protection – for

diverse IT environments. These entry-level

Sophos Xg 125 Firewall Specifications

desktop firewalls are the ideal choice for budget-

conscious small businesses, retail and small

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or home offices. Because they are equipped with integrated wireless LAN, you can have an all-in-one network security and hotspot solution without the need for additional hardware. The Intel dual-core technology makes them highly efficient and as they're fanless, they won't add unwanted noise to your office space.

Sophos Xg 125 Firewall Price In India

We’ve engineered the XG Firewall to deliver outstanding performance. With 5 Gbps firewall throughput, 1 Gbps IPS throughput and 410 Mbps VPN throughput, the XG125W effortlessly handles multiple tasks simultaneously. And with an interface designed to eliminate unnecessary complexity, Sophos XG enables you to use the powerful features without needing to become an IT security expert.

The Sophos XG firewall is the ultimate security package. Our appliances are built using Intel multi-core technology, solid-state drives, and accelerated in-memory content scanning. In addition, Sophos FastPath packet optimization technology ensures you'll always get maximum throughput. You get all the next-gen features you need plus features you can’t get anywhere else - including our revolutionary Security Heartbeat™, full web application firewall, and complete email anti-spam, encryption and DLP. No extra hardware. No extra cost. Simply choose what you want to deploy.

Sophos XG Firewall takes an innovative approach across all areas of network security. From the way firewalls are managed, to the way they report information and how they work with other security systems around them, giving you an unprecedented level of simplicity, insight, and advanced threat protection. Sophos XG Firewall is also available as a software installer for Intel x86 and Virtual environments including VMware, Hyper-V, KVM, and Citrix.