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Our XG Series hardware appliances are purpose-built with the latest multi-core Intel technology, generous RAM provisioning, and solid-state storage. Whether you’re protecting a small business or a large datacenter, you’re getting industry leading price:performance, and the ultimate in flexibility, connectivity and reliability in every form factor.

Desktop Models

Sophos XG Firewall provides comprehensive next-generation firewall protection powered by deep learning and Synchronized Security. Offering unmatched insights, XG Firewall exposes hidden user, application, and threat risks on the network and is unique in its ability to respond automatically to security incidents by isolating compromised systems with Security Heartbeat. The Sophos XG 210 and XG 230 are designed to protect small to mid-sized businesses and branch offices. Based on the latest Intel technology and equipped with 6 GbE copper ports, 2 GbE SFP fiber ports plus one FleXi Port slot to configure with an optional module, they provide high flexibility and throughput at an excellent price-to-performance ratio.

Performance and connectivity for branch offices, retail and small businesses.

Sophos XG 85 / 85 Wireless

  • Firewall: 3 GBPS
  • NGFW: 310 MBPS
  • VPN: 225 MBPS
  • IPS: 580 MBPS
  • AV (proxy): 360 MBPS

Sophos XG 86 / 86 Wireless
Rev.1 - New!

  • Firewall: 3.1 GBPS
  • NGFW: 350 MBPS
  • VPN: 225 MBPS
  • Threat Protection: 145 MBPS
  • Xtream SSL: 75 MBPS

Sophos XG 105 / 105 Wireless

  • Firewall: 3.5 GBPS
  • NGFW: 400 MBPS
  • VPN: 360 MBPS
  • IPS: 970 MBPS
  • AV (proxy): 150 MBPS

Sophos XG 106 / 106 Wireless
Rev.1 - New!

  • Firewall: 3.55 GBPS
  • NGFW: 400 MBPS
  • VPN: 330 MBPS
  • Threat Protection: 150 MBPS
  • Xtream SSL: 75 MBPS

Sophos XG 115 / 115 Wireless

  • Firewall: 4 GBPS
  • NGFW: 1000 MBPS
  • VPN: 560 MBPS
  • Threat Protection: 375 MBPS
  • Xtream SSL: 130 MBPS

Sophos XG 125 / 125 Wireless

  • Firewall: 7.0 GBPS
  • NGFW: 1275 MBPS
  • VPN: 1500 MBPS
  • Threat Protection: 400 MBPS
  • Xtream SSL: 170 MBPS

Sophos XG 135 / 135 Wireless

  • Firewall: 7.5 GBPS
  • NGFW: 1800 MBPS
  • VPN: 1700 MBPS
  • Threat Protection: 600 MBPS
  • Xtream SSL: 210 MBPS

1U Mid-range Models

Flexibility to adapt to the needs of mid-sized and distributed organizations.

Sophos XG 210

  • Firewall: 29 GBPS
  • NGFW: 3.2 GBPS
  • VPN: 1.92 GBPS
  • Threat Protection: 800 MBPS
  • Xtream SSL: 230 MBPS

Sophos XG 230

  • Firewall: 32 GBPS
  • NGFW: 4.5 GBPS
  • VPN: 2.1 GBPS
  • Threat Protection: 1000 MBPS
  • Xtream SSL: 280 MBPS

Sophos XG 310

  • Firewall: 35 GBPS
  • NGFW: 5.3 GBPS
  • VPN: 3.05 GBPS
  • Threat Protection: 1.55 GBPS
  • Xtream SSL: 370 MBPS

Sophos XG 330

  • Firewall: 38 GBPS
  • NGFW: 9.3 GBPS
  • VPN: 3.94 GBPS
  • Threat Protection: 2.1 GBPS
  • Xtream SSL: 560 MBPS

Sophos XG 430

  • Firewall: 55 GBPS
  • NGFW: 10 GBPS
  • VPN: 5 GBPS
  • Threat Protection: 2.2 GBPS
  • Xtream SSL: 600 MBPS

Sophos XG 450

  • Firewall: 65 GBPS
  • NGFW: 13.9 GBPS
  • VPN: 6.1 GBPS
  • Threat Protection: 3.4 GBPS
  • Xtream SSL: 770 MBPS

2U High-end Models

Optimal performance and redundancy for the distributed enterprise.

Sophos XG 550

  • Firewall: 75 GBPS
  • NGFW: 15.3 GBPS
  • VPN: 8.5 GBPS
  • Threat Protection: 6 GBPS
  • Xtream SSL: 1 GBPS

Sophos XG 650

  • Firewall: 85 GBPS
  • NGFW: 18 GBPS
  • VPN: 9 GBPS
  • Threat Protection: 7.7 GBPS
  • Xtream SSL: 1.35 GBPS

Sophos XG 750

  • Firewall: 100 GBPS
  • NGFW: 19.2 GBPS
  • VPN: 12.5 GBPS
  • Threat Protection: 9.4 GBPS
  • Xtream SSL: 1.4 GBPS

Software Installers

Sophos XG Firewall is also available as a software installer for Intel x86 and Virtual environments including VMware, Hyper-V, KVM, and Citrix

  • Sophos SF SW/Virtual Appliance - Unlimited Cores & Unlimited GB RAM

Sophos XG Firewall Features

See it. Stop it. Secure it.

Our comprehensive next-generation firewall protection has been built to expose hidden risks, block both known and unknown threats, and automatically respond to incidents.

Expose Hidden Risks

Superior visibility into risky activity, suspicious traffic, and advanced threats helps you regain control of your network. Chevy 350 crate engine and transmission.

Stop Unknown Threats

Powerful next-gen protection technologies like deep learning and intrusion prevention keep your organization secure.

Sophos Xg 210 Price Uk

Isolate Infected Systems

Automatic threat response instantly identifies and isolates compromised systems on your network to stop threats from spreading.

Secure Remote Workers

XG Firewall makes it easy to extend your secure network to employees anywhere.

Free, Easy-to-Use VPN Client

Sophos Connect provides an intuitive VPN connection client that’s easy to deploy and configure. Give your remote workers secure access to resources on the corporate network from Windows and macOS devices.

SOHO Protection with XG 86 or SD-RED

Our small, ultra-affordable XG 86(w) and SD-RED devices provide the ultimate in SOHO protection with always-on dedicated or split-tunnel VPN that’s easy to deploy and manage with a variety of flexible options.

Mobile VPN

Mobile devices can utilize built-in or app-based VPN options including IPSec and SSL VPN for secure connectivity to your XG Firewall protected network.

XG Firewall’s all-new Xstream architecture delivers extreme levels of visibility, protection, and performance.

XG Firewall Xstream TLS Inspection

Industry-leading performance and visibility into all the encrypted traffic on your network with support for TLS 1.3

Xg210 sophos price usa

XG Firewall Xstream DPI Engine

High-performance deep packet protection in a single streaming engine for stopping all known and unknown threats

XG Firewall Xstream Network Flow FastPath

Accelerate trusted and important cloud, SaaS, and VoIP application traffic for optimal performance

A Firewall That Thinks Like You

We’ve rethought the way firewall rules and security policies are managed. Sophos XG implements a refreshing new unified approach to network security that enables you to see and manage all of your protection in one place – the Rule and Policies Screen.

Xg210 Sophos Price

Policy Perfection

Utilize dozens of built-in protection policies for IPS, web, traffic shaping, and more or quickly customize or create your own policies.

Visual Policies

Protection policies snap-in to firewall rules enabling you to immediately see all the protection being applied to any given source/destination, user/group, or traffic type.

Firewall Flexibility

Granular options for TLS inspection, NAT, and SD-WAN routing enable XG Firewall to fit any network rather than forcing your network fit the firewall.

Xg210 Sophos Price In United States

Sophos XG 210 & WatchGuard Firebox M270 is good for branch and small office . Let check the different between 2 devices as table below.

Sophos XG 210 with higher firewall throughput as 16 Gbps. WatchGuard has multi Ethernet fixed port but Sophos XG 210 can add up to 6 WAN ports

Product Name

Sophos XG 210

WatchGuard Firebox M270

Product Image
Our RatingNaN.0NaN.0

System Performance

Firewall throughput16 Gbps4.9 Gbps
Firewall IMIX5.5 Gbps1.8 Gbps
Antivirus Throughput2.3 Gbps2.1 Gbps
Concurrent connections8,200,000300,000
New connections/sec135,00040,000
IPS throughput2.7 Gbps2.3 / 0.9 Gbps
NGFW Throughput2.2 Gbps
VPN AES-128 Throughput1.6 Gbps
IPSec VPN throughput1.45 Gbps
WSM licenses (incl)4
TDR Host Sensors included60
Authenticated users limit500
Branch Office VPN50
Mobile VPN75

Physical interfaces

GE RJ45 Ports6 GbE copper (incl. 2 bypass pairs)8 x 10/100/1000
GE RJ45 WAN Ports6 GbE copper (incl. 2 bypass pairs)
GE SFP Slots2 GbE SFP*0
I/O ports2 x USB 3.0 (front) 1 x Micro USB (front) 1 x USB 3.0 (rear) 1 x COM (RJ45) (front) 1 x HDMI (rear)1 serial / 2 USB
Storageintegrated SSD0
DisplayMulti-function LCD module

Dimensions & Enviroment

Mounting1U rack mount (2 rackmount ears included)0
Dimensions Width x Depth x Height (inches)17.24 x 13.56 x 1.75 inches17.2 x 1.73 x 12.6 inches
Dimensions Height x Width x Length (mm)438 x 344.4 x 44mm438 x 44 x 320 mm
Weight5 kg / 11.02 (unpacked) 6.9 kg / 15.21 lbs (packed)18.9 lbs (8.5 kg)
Power supply5.2 kg / 11.46lb (unpacked) 7.7 kg / 16.98 lbs (packed)100-240 VAC
Power Consumption19W, 65 BTU/hr (idle) 35W, 119 BTU/hr (full load)75 W
Heat Dissipation256 BTU/h
Operating Temperature0-40°C (operating) -20 to +80°C (storage)32-104 F
Storage Temperature-40-158 F
Humidity10%-90%, non-condensing10-95% non-condensing
Operating Attitude0-9843 ft at 95 F
CertificationsCC EAL4+, FIPS 140-2, NRTL/C, CB, IPv6 Ready Gold (routing), WEEE, RoHS, REACH

Product Certifications

CertificationsCB, UL, CE, FCC Class A, ISED, VCCI, RCM, CCC, KC, BIS